Two British Rappers Brawl On Emirates Flight While Passengers Dodge Their Blows

With the U.K. easing quarantine restrictions on travelers coming from the U.A.E., Emirates is increasing its Dubai – London Heathrow service to four Airbus A380s per day. Carrying Brits back and forth may be core to their business, but there’s no way Emirates was expecting these two British rappers who got into a fight while their flight to London hadn’t even departed yet.

Tion Wayne and Headie One were filmed onboard their Emirates flight trading insults and throwing punches while passengers shouted and dodged blows. And it all began over a disagreement about a seat, which is odd since seat assignments are printed on boarding passes. Language in the video is, naturally, ‘not safe for work’:

Both rap musicians were removed from the flight. And so the fight continued on twitter.

Here’s my question. If these rappers are really as big as their swagger suggests, would they be flying Emirates – an airline dedicated to bling – in economy?

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  1. If someone gets a moment I would appreciate if they could translate those tweets. I couldn’t understand a freaking word of it.

  2. I’ll keep politics out of it (unlike the children above), but Fanta, is a very sweet, Orange based (tenuous at best, just as tenuous as mountain dew is to, well, mountain dew) soda which can rot teeth at a thousand paces

  3. Dammit. @Alan: Whilst American politics normally has us Brits intrigued enough to wonder how the hell the US hasn’t collapsed into some Banana republic, I don’t think you’ll find they are Biden supporters. I don’t think you’ll find them Tramp supporters either. We just don’t care.

  4. I agree with you Gary. I would have thought they’d be fighting in the upper deck bar or over Dom Perignon or something since it’s an Emirates flight….. not in economy. lol.

  5. They should have had a rapping competition to determine who’s top dog, at least if they rap comprehensibly.

  6. “Rappers” is usually one of those titles commonly applied to people who are otherwise unemployed. It requires little to actually call oneself a rapper. Same with “freelance writer” and similar

  7. Did not understand the tweet, why are so called Brits trying to speak like retarded foreign gangster’s.

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