Two Flights Return To Hawaii On The Same Day To Remove Violent Passengers

It doesn’t take a very long flight for passengers to melt down and become violent these days. On Thursday morning Hawaiian Air flight 152 from Honolulu to Hilo a passenger attacked a flight attendant in what’s being described as “an unprovoked incident.” Oddly masks were not involved in the incident. The flight returned to the Honolulu airport where the passenger was removed from the aircraft, arrested, and charged with third degree assault.

Reportedly, “the passenger punched the attendant in the chest and back of the head while the attendant was walking through the cabin to pick up trash.” This is just a 218 mile flight. And everyone is in Hawaii. Chill out a little bit, maybe, and you’ll be off the aircraft soon?

That wasn’t even the only Hawaiian Airlines flight that had to return to Honolulu’s airport that same day due to an unruly passenger. Hawaiian Flight 22 to Seattle pushed back at 1:05 p.m. Two hours later a mask refusenik “caused a disturbance to other guests” and an off-duty pilot helped flight attendants subdue the passenger. The plane landed back in Honolulu at 5:53 p.m.

Fortunately no injuries were reported to the adult male passenger, the non-rev pilot, or the crew.

According to Hawaiian Airlines,

We apologize to our guests for the inconvenience and thank our crew members for keeping our guests safe during these unfortunate incidents. We have zero tolerance for disruptive and dangerous behavior in our cabins and have banned or denied boarding to 98 passengers so far this year.

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  1. That permanent flying ban could work. Imagine living in Hawaii and not being able to fly to the mainland. Ouch.

  2. This is the product of a society where we can’t hold people accountable anymore because it might hurt their feelings. Ban these losers from ALL U.S. airlines for life and watch how fast these incidents disappear.

  3. Next up, paid staff security for the airlines on every flight. It’s just a matter of time. Our society has lost its collective minds.

  4. “two flights return to hawaii” yeah one flight wasn’t even leaving hawaii but ok sure i guess gotta get the clickbaity headlines in.

  5. These morons that we celebrate on TikTok and YouTube are totally clueless about the risks of disrupting the operation of a fragile metal tube floating at 35,000 feet above the earth.

    These self-centered cretins need to be named and shamed in addition to jail time. And lifetime bans on air travel need to be enforced once they are convicted for their crime. Nothing less.

    It’s not enough for each airline to manage bans separately.

    Was 9/11 not the wakeup call we needed ?

  6. Need a across airlines no fly list – 1st violation 1 year ban – 2nd violation 5 year ban – 3rd no fly again

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