Two New American Airlines Paint Schemes Fire Back At Delta

News notes from around the interweb:

  • Ikea in Dubai is turning time customers spend using Google Maps into a currency that can pay for items in the store

  • Accor hotels is partnering with Visa to launch co-brand credit cards around the world. It’s been three years since I sat with Isabelle Birem, Accor’s Senior Vice President of Loyalty, talking about their path to co-brand cards. Starting with the payment network in a global partnership is an interesting way to jump start it. Usually the payment network is part of the bidding in each market.

  • Being shared by American and Delta employees on social media:

  • A long rant about how Marriott Bonvoy soured an Ambassador member on hotel loyalty entirely. (HT: Jeff W.)

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  1. @david I watched the whole thing at 2X speed. The answer is no but he does get a number of plugs in for his own services and book so there’s that.

  2. nomad capitalist is such a retarded name, sounds like an online handle you’d come up in year 1 of uni to try and impress girls. dude’s like a budget TPG without the facial hair and way more cringe.

  3. I wonder what the guy whom the FA assumed was in economy was wearing. Some of the people in business class in the USA should never be allowed on board (they would definitely be turned down from eating at most business restaurants, let alone enter a business clubs, for what they are wearing)

  4. Road warriors are loyal because they get currency back for stays they often don’t pay for. That’s what Marriott is after, and I’m fine with that. If you’re paying your own, find the best hotel regardless of points (in fact, a Marriott that you stay at once as an Ambassador is making less off you than other guests).

    For someone as needy as him, go hire a personal assistant. Seriously, you’re complaining about housekeeping closing the blinds when you can just open them?

    I want those 15 minutes of my life back for watching that, and have no idea what he does to actually make 7-8 figures a year. Playing with family money? Because nobody bootstrapping a company can fly all around the world working whenever they want staying in five star hotels.

  5. Bonvoy is useless to its members OTHER than earn and burn and there is nothing wrong with that strategy when you consider that Marriott can change the value of “points” at any time and they do. So use them if you have them!

    Any “upgrades” I have ever gotten other than the maybe 1-2 odd ones (which was a surprise and delight) is because I have a PERSONAL relationship with the staff at the individual property where they recognize me from frequent stays, it’s never because Marriott’s res system suggests they upgrade me.

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