Two Tools for Generating Spend, Getting More Compensation from Airlines, and Some Mileage Bonuses (Bits ‘n Pieces for May 8, 2014)

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  1. On the paypal note, I have steered away from PayPal but have been using their (sometimes) co-branded MoneyPaks and loading them to GreenDot. The fee is $4.95 with a limit of $500 but for manufacturing at a cost of just $9.90/$1,000 and the GreenDot is limited to just $2,500/month. But this seems safer than loading MoneyPaks onto PayPal where they have a tendency to shut down accounts and not return money for a very long time. Between this and Amazon Payments, plus my regular spend, I never have an issue hitting spend bonuses or tiers.

  2. I think those of us with long-established PayPal accounts, who use their accounts regularly for purchases, who move money in and out of the account frequently, who utilize the card at ATMs occasionally, should not have any problems or flags raised on our accounts.

  3. Can you buy the Moneypak with a credit card? Can you buy the Greendot with a credit card?

  4. If only someone would start a website to help you win claims from Turkish airlines for outside the EU flights… I’ve been fighting with them for a year and have never received worse customer service (or slower replies) from an airline.

  5. The comments on that AirHelp seem to say it only works on EU flights. Probably because of the stiffer rules. Would like your comments gary.

  6. AirHelp’s idea isn’t exactly new. As far as I know, EUclaim was the first mover and I’ve been working with them since around 2008.

  7. Actually you don’t need to outsource your claim for compensations… you can claim your rights on your own easily with a mobile app called ClaimAir

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