Two Tourists Gunned Down In Another Mexican Resort Shoot Out

In November two drug dealers were killed in a shootout on the beach of the Hyatt Ziva Riviera Cancun. It appears hotel stay may have called two rival gangs to provide drugs to guests, who had to shelter in their rooms during the violence. Guests were given 75,000 points as compensation.

The Mexican government sent National Guard troops to patrol the beaches. Tourism is too important to the economy there to be disrupted out of fear. However two tourists have no been killed (and other visitor wounded) in a shooting at another resort in the same state.

Five shots were reportedly fired at a restaurant in the Xcaret Hotel which is south of Playa del Carmen.

Other people attending the restaurant ran for cover and the gunman is said to have fled into the nearby jungle.

According to reports, two Canadian males and one female were involved and the incident stemmed from an argument between guests of the hotel.

…[Guests] were told by resort staff to stay in their rooms and were having trouble getting any more information about the incident.

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  1. Gary, you are leaving a lot of facts out. This appears another drug deal gone wrong and the Canadians were looking for drugs also.

  2. In a follow-up story, the shooter had no trouble boarding an AA flight out of the country because he was properly wearing his COVID mask. One flight attendant commented, “Now THAT’S the type of customer we like to serve.”

  3. From other reliable press sources the two people killed are Canadian and have been linked to drug trade. Possible drug hit.

  4. DaninMCi
    Don’t look Canadian? How’s that cuz he did have a beaver skin hat head to toe Jean out fit carring a jug of maple syrup? Canadians look like a leaner version of any typical American minus the arrogance …

  5. @DaninMCI There is no “Canadian look”

    Currently, annual migration to Canada amounts to around 300,000 new immigrants – one of the highest rates per population of any country in the world. As of 2020, there were just above eight million immigrants with permanent residence living in Canada – roughly 21.5 percent of the total Canadian population.

    These immigrants are of all colors, shapes and sizes, as nearly every country in the world sends people to Canada each year. The difference between Canada and the United States is that in Canada the government for the most part decides who can enter based on what they think the applicants will add to the country in terms of wealth, experience, skills and education.

  6. You need a decent copy editor!

    “It appears hotel stay may have called two rival gangs…”

  7. And later in the same story:

    “However two tourists have no been killed (and other visitor wounded) in a shooting at another resort in the same state.”

    Spell check obviously is no substitute for an actual Copy Editor

  8. Please re-write this mess… really needs basic proof reading. We are insulted as your readers.

  9. @Pete

    When talking about artificial countries created through colonialism, we refer to the original settlers. Americans are Dutch/English/German/Spaniard and later groups are qualified with Irish-American/Italian-America/African-American/Asian-American. Obviously, being the same race as the original settlers means saying an Italian heritage person or Irish heritage person is America gels with logic.

    In Canada, it’s French and English. There are the native Americans in the U.S. and the whatever they call them in Canada (indigenous). These lands were pretty empty. Countries like Mexico and Peru had substantial populations when the Spanish came and that’s why when one says “Mexican” or Peruvian” we think indigenous and qualify for Whites since they are a small minority (20% in Mexico).

    Saying I’m from this country or that country gets complicated when people mean different things. When we ask, we really want to know the genetic heritage. It probably would be best to say what is your genetic heritage and which country were you born in. Then everything is clear. Thinking that someone being born on a land mass has anything in common with me is ridiculous if we share no genetic heritage. An ape born in the San Francisco Zoo does not mean it has anything in common with a Jewish man born in the same city/state/country.

  10. What differentiates Mexican tourist areas from the U.S. is people know where to avoid in the U.S. Most here know the statistics of what group does what and can stay out of the majority bad areas. Locals know the policing situation. Those who care to can carry concealed. Those who care about their families can own a firearm at home. We can move to rural and suburban areas with specific groups and specific school districts to keep our kids safe. Obviously, taking the subway in NYC is more risky these days. Walking from 34th to 44th on 8th Avenue is not as ideal as it could be. However, generally most are safe. Some people do things like jog in certain areas and use public transport at dangerous times (safety in numbers is not possible at 2AM) and put themselves at risk. A lot of the bad groups attack each other and most are safe if they avoid them and those areas.

    It’s different in Mexico. We don’t know any of this information. The criminal element is not concentrated in certain areas but is expansive. Millions of Western tourists know to stick to the tourist areas and stay with big tour groups when visiting an attraction outside of the tourist area. With recent events, tourist areas aren’t as safe as they used to be. That’s not how we want our vacation destination to be. It is concerning. Xcaret is lovely as is Cancun, however, hearing stories like this makes me rather go elsewhere.

    As I’ve said before, the war on drugs is just like prohibition of alcohol. Not only is it the government telling us what we can and can’t do with our own bodies but it doesn’t stop drugs/alcohol and dangerous people fill the market. If the war on drugs ended, people would buy drugs from a drug store (with better quality control and accurate dosing) and gangs would be out of business when people can buy it for $10. Less human trafficking would happen when the drug trade isn’t there to hide it. Drug laws haven’t stopped anyone from doing drugs. It just criminalized personal freedom and magnified violence.

  11. “It appears hotel stay may have called two rival gangs”
    “However two tourists have no been killed”

    I don’t understand what you are trying to say Gary. Please re-write this mess……

  12. @Jackson Waterson
    As usual your posts are meaningless while trying to make a point about race that doesn’t jibe. Just a white opinionated comment.

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