Two Women Brawl At Atlanta Airport Gate – Neither One Of Them Is Making It To Miami

Two women tussled and brawled before a Spirit Airlines flights with one eventually being pinned by the other, larger passenger. Blows were traded, kicks were unleashed, and they tumbled until they just couldn’t tumble anymore.

It looks to me like this is the gate area for a Spirit Airlines flight from Atlanta to Miami. This looks like the Atlanta airport, and Spirit does use gate D2 there. Atlanta to Miami on Spirit almost guarantees this result.

One commenter on this video observed, “Craziest part of the whole video is how is it that someone can be flying spirit but afford Evian water?!” Although another points out that it could be an older bottle that’s been refilled.

Ultimately one has to wonder whether it’s the yellow in Spirit’s color scheme that’s the trigger for so many passengers – why these meltdowns keep happening in their gate areas?

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  1. Before departing Atlanta, passengers love to see a professional training fight traveling road show before these gifted Spirit Airlines gate fighters travel to Miami for the upcoming Spirit Airlines World gate fighting competition.

  2. Maybe one of them waited too long to status match at Spirit and got angry?

  3. WOW !! That’s one big-a** butt. Sign her up for professional wrestling !!

  4. Lizzo should be in this clip wearing her lawn size garbage bag and twerking from the sidelines.

  5. I think the Evian item is relevant here. In my experience there is no place in ATL to buy anything other than Dasani and I have looked high and low. This is either a refilled bottle, not ATL or there is a secret source of Evian I want to find.

  6. The screen clearly says the flight is going to Philadelphia, but that means Gary wouldn’t get his weekly Miami insult in and would also lose those clicks!

  7. Fights more often than not end up on the ground. Learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It will help you save money by being able to confidently fly on Spirit and Frontier. Don’t overpay on airfare to avoid a whooping!

  8. Wow…the blatant racism on here is just disgusting. It appears these two passengers are not the only ones who are “uncivilized and have failed to evolve.”

    @Gary, how do get away with allowing racist comments to remain on this website and NOT run afoul of your advertisers?

  9. The Evian water could be a symbol of why they are flying Spirit in the first place, because of foolish spending decisions.

  10. I’ve flown Spirit a few times. Never had an awful experience within my limited travels with them. My most recent flight was just over a week ago and both flight crews were courteous and witty. Yes, it’s true that a bargain carrier attracts the lowest common denominators, but the majority of flights go without a hitch. You only see the outrageous stuff posted online that rarely happens, but that gives us the impression that this behaviour is more common than it is.

  11. Thanks for the wokeness lesson in how to whine and demand the suspension of speech rights when other people fail to ignore facts, SOBE ER DOC.

  12. @SOBE ER DOC – I don’t allow vile racist comments here, but I am not online in the comments 24/7 so it can take a couple of hours sometimes to address them.

  13. @CA Geiger – “It is the 13% group every time. They are just uncivilized and have failed to evolve.”
    @Mets Fan in NC – “Boarding Group 13”
    @AngryFlier – Arguing that racist comments are free speech and facts.

    These comments are still up. I know it is not your fault that these people post on your site, but it is just such a regular occurrence on your comment boards. Not sure what your solution is but it is very discouraging to see all the time.

  14. @Racists Suck –

    Regarding the first two comments you note – I had deleted a bunch of comments, I did not know what 13 referred to but those are now gone.

    Regarding the third I don’t have a problem with someone commenting that they ought to be allowed to make racist statements, without making racist statements.

  15. I’ve been reading and enjoying this blog for a long time, but never actually commented until now. I’m glad SOBE ER DOC and Racists Suck called attention to the obviously racist comments, and appreciate you deleting them, Gary. The commenters have the right to hold these opinions, but the rest of us are under no obligation to give them an audience.

    I was dismayed when I read the post well before I read the comments, however, and saw the latter as more or less the inevitable response to the content. Even if I read it charitably it seems obviously racially coded – we have a fight between 2 Black women between majority-minority cities that’s described as an almost guaranteed outcome, then this odd loaded question ending that seems to invite readers to a fundamentally racist conclusion. It’s certainly possible I’m reading too much into this, but if there’s truly no subtext then why did so many readers respond to the dog whistle? Even as I write this there are comments up playing to this angle (e.g., what do Lizzo and twerking have to do with this, except that she’s a Black woman and Black women invented twerking – and apparently love fighting at Spirit Airlines gates?).

    I don’t know what was in Gary’s mind when he wrote this, and maybe it’s all 100% innocent and coincidental. Nevertheless, if there is truly no racist intent behind it, then it might be worth revisiting some of the framing and language so that it’s not interpreted that way. I know were I a Black reader, I’d have felt sad and put off when I read this, and I doubt that’s what Gary wanted.

  16. @AngryFlier what you call “wokeness” I call treating people with basic human dignity. This narrative that we are bad people because we speak out about racism, intolerance, hate and ignorance is complete BS. You are allowed to spew your uneducated, small-minded hate and I am allowed to call you out on it.

    Gary gets to decide what stays on his website, not you, or me.

    Try as you might, you can’t have it both ways. And…let’s be clear, I did not whine or call for the “suspension of free speech.” I asked Gary how his advertisers are okay with being affiliated with hate speech…even if it get filtered out a few hours later.

  17. SOBE ER DOC are you done with your rant? What racist comments are you referring to? Why is there always someone who insists as you evidently do, that this behavior is ok and make excuses for it by changing the topic to race baiting?

    Thanks Gary for another amusing post regarding Spirit the Greyhound of the skies. Still want to try that Big Front Seat?

  18. @Gary Leff

    You may want a follow up. The person who was assaulted was a member of management of Spirit’s ground handler who had denied the attacker boarding for smelling of alcohol. She grabbed the employee’s hair and hit her, pulling her into the barrier and then onto the floor. Body camera footage is out now in the news of the arrest of the now former passenger.

    Way to once again get things wrong and show your bizarre hatred of a certain airline and its customers.

  19. @SOBE ER DOC

    You are bad people because you spread a propaganda lie and enable an oppression delusion.

  20. Its the 13 percent who cause most of the problems in this country, why would it be raciest to tell the truth? When I see news stories about the smash and grabs its always about the 13 percent doing the crimes. Its the truth and you all know it, mortality is not in their vocabulary.

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