U.S. Drug Czar Refuses To Fly Southwest Airlines

The U.S. Drug Czar Rahul Gupta is being slammed as “egocentric” and a “primma donna” who creates a “toxic work environment.” Most striking is that he’ll blow up months of work on a trip when he learns that he’d have to fly Southwest Airlines.

The trips, the former and current officials said, often centered around Gupta rather than the work ONDCP was doing. He expected Cabinet-level treatment when traveling and would blow up plans when staff couldn’t deliver.

He canceled one trip last year, after months of planning, because he didn’t want to fly Southwest Airlines, the officials said.

He also once calculated the square-footage of a hotel room, and then requested staff book him a larger room. And he liked to roll up to events — including weekend embassy parties — in a black government SUV with staff, even though that sort of service is not typically used by ONDCP directors for events unrelated to the office’s direct work.

In contrast, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen flies coach even though taxpayers would get better value out of the increased work productivity that would come from a premium cabin seat.

The former Federal Reserve chair who is known for showing up hours early to the airport to avoid missing flights, and to be at the gate early enough to ensure overhead bin space, would probably benefit from flying private.

Meanwhile, the Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy leads a small agency that is required by law to oppose any attempt to legalize use of drugs in any form, including by paying television and movie studios to include anti-drug messages and reviewing and signing off on scripts (and influencing changes to scripts). They’ve also produced news packages for local television propagandizing on drugs without disclosure that they were produced by the government.

Perhaps the Drug Czar should be required to fly Allegiant?

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  3. @AndyS – You may need to hear this:

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    Any riot in the USA, no matter how violent, does not in any way compare with an attack on the Capitol.

    And if this does not make sense to you, ok. Belive what you will.

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  5. @ David R. Miller — If my memory serves me correctly, you have made numerous such comments on this blog. Unfortunately, I don’t have the skill required to research them in a timely manner.

  6. @Old man Dave

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