Uber $30 First Ride Credit is Back!

Readers know that I’m a big fan of Uber, the on-demand car service.

You download an app to your phone, request a pickup with the press of a button. You watch your vehicle on a map as it drives to you and shows you how many minutes away the car is. You can stay inside at home or at a restaurant until it shows up. Your payment details are on file, so when the trip is over you just get out and you’re emailed a receipt.

There are several options in different markets — like black cars, UberX which is individuals with their own cars that drive you, and in some cities even UberTaxi where you’re just requesting a cab through the app.

They haven’t offered this in a few months, but they are back allowing first-time users a free ride up to $30 in value if they’re referred by an existing user. Uber doesn’t advertise on TV, at least I’ve never seen it, they’ve built their business on referrals.

If you use my link to sign up, I get a free ride credit too. It’s more lucrative for you to sign up using a referral offer than without one.

For why I think Uber is so revolutionary (although after 2.5 years it’s easy to take for granted), see Why Taxis Suck and What You Can Do About It.

And that leaves aside some of the interesting things they’ve tried, like delivering condoms and on-demand helicopters to the Hamptons.

Here’s a strong defense of Uber surge pricing and an explanation of their business model.

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  1. Ugh, prepare yourself for an onslaught of referral links below.

    To anyone about to post: are you really so desperate?

  2. I was wondering if I sent a friend a link for $20 sign up and he hasn’t downloaded app yet, wlid he now downloads, will he get $20 or $30?

  3. @Paul: he will get $30. The credit applies when he enters your code in his app.

    And thanks for not spamming this site with your code!

  4. I don’t mean this offensively, but I’m genuinely curious: why is it that you write about Uber so often and neglect to mention any competitors (Lyft, Sidecar, Curb, etc.)?

    Do you have a crush on Uber, Gary?

  5. Is this for US customers only? When I click your link, it converts to local currency: “Claim your free ride from Gary, worth up to NOK 60!”
    NOK 60 equals about USD 8, which is quite far from USD 30.

    Do you have a link to this promo, with T&Cs?


  6. Hello, I’m the Nazi CEO of Uber. I need another $1.6 Billion USD in funding from Goldman Sachs so that I can assist in the sicko prostitution inside cars, rape women, run over children, terrorize journalists, and then ask for more money because I just burned all that cash. All the same, taxi drivers families can starve.

    RESPONSE FROM GOLDMAN SACHS: Sorry, Uber CEO. Yellen stopped the printing press. Obama is hot air now, Republican majority. Have a nice collapse.

    Oh, sorry. Must have been a conversation from someone else.


  7. How do we find out how many free rides we have left? I referred a few people last year, but I can’t find it anywhere in my account.

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