Uber’s “BYOV” Mode: New Ride Sharing Option That Uses Your Own Car [Roundup]

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • If American didn’t fly with any seats passengers could never cause delays during boarding or deplaning. D0 Uber Alles!

  • UberDUI. Or maybe the punchline to a Yakov Smirnoff joke (“In Soviet Russia, Uber app summons You!“)

  • So much for American’s West Coast international gateway in partnership with Alaska Airlines. Blame Covid, Boeing delays, et al but this is not working out as-planned.

  • The mobile app fails to track your bag, but….

  • Sam Brinton has an alias..?

  • One of the better pieces on the self-interested campaign by ALPA, American Airlines and Southwest Airlines to shut down a competitor in JSX comes from Justin Bachman, now at The Messenger. Though if I were to quibble I’d note that part 135 carriers are only exempt from the 1,500 hour rule for co-pilots and not for captains.

    And remember that American itself admits their primary interest is in going after a competitor.

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  1. For BYOV, this is a concept that has been used widely in many areas of Japan for years. Essentially you’ve driven somewhere, gotten drunk or otherwise incapacitated such that you can’t drive but you don’t want to leave your car where it is, and you need a sober person to drive you home in YOUR car so your car comes with you. I would call it REBU – reverse Uber.

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