Ultimate Hotel Fails and United Wasn’t Even Scathed by David Dao

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  1. Dao has only himself to blame for what happened, by not leaving his seat when requested by officers. United didn’t bloody him. United asked for help in controlling unruly passenger, as you would do if someone refused to leave your home or property. When officers ask you to leave private property, you leave. And sort it out later.

  2. UA hasn’t seen a single $ from me since the event and likely won’t ever again. While one person’s business would mean little to a giant like UA it certainly doesn’t mean they escaped unscathed from the mess. And to be honest my willingness to fly UA had declined even before Dao, but that really put the nail in it for me.

  3. @Andrew

    Though not politically correct and going counter to the main stream of opinions, those are my thoughts exactly.

    Dao even seemed “deranged” in the video when he said “kill me”.

  4. Tens of millions of dollars of publicity damage by any conservative estimate.

    Only the slobbiest 500 pound Trumpanzees think he deserved it. These are authoritarian bootlickers who think that if someone who pretends they’re in authority tells you something you’re not allowed to question it. Their EMPLOYERS at Chicago City Council said they were rogue officers!(But those are just coloreds so tRumplickers don’t listen none)

    It’s always entirely this authoritarian mindset that raises a Hitler or the even more hated Trump. We are one firing away from being under an authoritarian ruler state.

  5. @Greg

    Insults, very convincing argument.
    Reference to Hitler, wow!
    Question authority, yes. Resist police-like figure, don’t come crying if you get blodied.
    Exit the plane, sue afterward.
    Anarchy is the alternative.

  6. Greg is the same whackjob that claimed the Dow incident would be the end of United! Oh, and he also said he is former special forces!

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