Unbelievable Airbnb Rule: No Toilet Paper, Only Towels for Guests! [Roundup]

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  1. I have (unfortunately) frequently seen those signs during Airbnb stays that state “no paper in toilet”, but I have never seen a basket of towels that supposedly are to be used in lieu thereof…

    I have assumed that the sign was always an attempt by the airbnb host to try and protect themselves in case the toilet gets “stuffed” from any expense associated therewith, as inexplicitly there is always toilet paper provided notwithstanding the signage… I ignore the signs.

  2. Oh boy, no Boudet either, just a washcloth and a dirty basket? I would suggest to the Airbnb management that they introduce minimum standards their hosts need to meet. I mean at least have TP or a Boudet. I really need to get on X to see some of these.

  3. After a recent stay at an Airbnb in Reunion Florida, I will most likely never do Airbnb again. The place is advertised as accommodating up to 16 people. We were a group of 7 adults. There was exactly one extra roll of TP in the bathroom for a 5 day stay for all of us. There was one small roll of paper towel in the kitchen and they reluctantly brought an additional roll, cost .58 at Walmart. They supplied exactly 2 portions of dishwasher detergent, again for a 5 day stay. The pots and pans were filthy and unusable. The TV’s did not work. The pool and hot tub were moldy as well as the pool deck and deck furniture. They would only tell us how to turn on the pool heater after they received payment for 5 days of using the pool heater. We were told to strip the beds and throw the towels in the washing machine and start it before leaving, however, no laundry detergent was supplied so that made me wonder how clean they really were. We left a day early because it was just not worth the aggravation.

  4. Not related to this post but…

    I had something strange inside my brain reading your post those last days…

    I got it now: all those pictures illustrating your recent posts Gary: they are AI generated ones arn’t they?

    I like them! Great addition!

  5. I’ve been at some remote international locations where we’ve been asked not to put toilet paper in their systems which are mainly septic tanks systems.

    BUT we’ve always been given a separate container to place the toilet paper in which is emptied every day. No biggie.

    But none have withheld toilet paper.

  6. If that was the only problem, I would just use the washcloths as they wished me to do, maybe moistening them a bit first. No problem. I wonder if the family running the Airbnb was from another country. In Thailand at the low end and in the countryside there is often a bucket of water, soap and a small bowl to scoop water for the squat toilet. You wash your butt. You end up much cleaner than with toilet paper and the system doesn’t get clogged. More advanced systems may have running water and a squirt nozzle and even a western style toilet. If there is toilet paper, there may be a sign asking for used toilet paper to be put in the waste basket.

  7. Virgin could offer rooms in Dallas for 500 points a night but after today’s Texas Supreme Court decision, I wouldn’t take it up. I, along with many others, will be boycotting Texas as much as we can.

    My wife was 38 when she gave birth to my son. If we were in the same situation today in Texas we wouldn’t have taken the chance of not being able to have an amniocentesis (recommended in the civilized world for every mother over 35) and my son would never have been conceived. I can’t imagine going through what Kate Cox has had to deal with over the last week and will continue to have to deal with.

    This ruling will drive people who are not religious nutters out of Texas, which sadly is what they want.

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