Union Head Wants Flight Attendants Armed With Tasers

A United Airlines passenger is being prosecuted after attempting to stab a crewmember in the neck, believing the flight attendant was going to kill him first, after he tried to disarm the emergency exit prior to landing on a Los Angeles – Boston flight.

Now flight attendants union leader head Sara Nelson, who heads the AFA-CWA which represents United cabin crew, says that her members should be given tasers as part of their job.

Ms. Nelson advocates violence to keep passengers in line. She also wanted to make leisure travel illegal during the pandemic, permanently ban alcohol from planes, and argued that mask mandates should become like inflight smoking bans and TSA liquid rules.

As soon as the assailant went at the crewmember, passengers snapped into action. A taser wouldn’t have prevented the attack. Unless cabin crew have their tasers out at all times, they won’t be protection against a passenger coming at them by surprise.

And the taser won’t be a deterrent either because an attack like this one is done by a passenger who is mentally unbalanced, not someone making a rational calculation.

To the union head, though, flight attendants are strictly there for safety. There own safety certainly has to come first, before the environment will allow for hospitality. Passengers, though, shouldn’t be seen as threats because in almost all cases they are.. not. Risks abound all around us, and knowing that other passengers will step in is the most effective protection – against a lone attacker, and also against a 9/11-style terrorist.

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  1. Seems reasonable, as long as passengers can’t overpower the flight attendants, take their tasers, and use them on the flight crew. The tasers would need to be secured, not ‘carried’ at all times.

  2. Flight attendants often do not have the capacity to make rational and fair decisions in the U.S. That’s why they are flight attendants. Not all but most. Flight attendants are becoming like cops who back up their brothers and sisters even if in the wrong as they often are.

    All you have to know about this woman is she is an anti freedom Biden Dem supporter. Anything she says is actually the opposite of what should be done.

  3. John, while I agree her ideas are nuts, your vicious attack on the professionalism and personalities of FAs is a pretty sad example of how to hate people. That makes your further comments about Biden meaningless. I’d rather look for Democrats supporting freedom than expect it from Banana Republicans.

  4. Because giving FAs MORE to fuel their existing power trips is such a great idea!

    Pre departure beverage…zap!
    Push that call button…zap zap!
    Refuse CC app…zap zap zap!

    This ‘leadership’ creature needs to go, yesterday.

  5. @drrichard..I would even bother with John Farton. He hates flight attendants. He’s a very unhappy person. I just feel sorry for his family.

  6. Hell Noooooo!! Arm these crazy Bi***s is the last of the last worst ideas we should entertain!! Quit, just quit dam it, go out and pursue a life of religious fulfillment!!

  7. She is a complete disaster. And represents everything that’s wrong with flight attendants.

  8. I sympathize with anyone who has to deal with the mentally ill who are acting that way. However, if you give Tasers to flight attendants, then all that a terrorist would have to do is apply for the job, and . . . .

    We don’t let flight attendants have box-cutters, either.

  9. I am all for tasing at least a third of any given flight, esp noisy small children. What’s the problem here?

  10. This union leader is a nutcase. She needs to go.. Zap her away..We would have taser fights on aircraft as misbehaving passengers wrestle these tasers from flight attendants.

  11. @drrichard

    Freedom and modern Democrat is a contradiction. Flight attendants in the U.S. are rated very low compared to even North Korea. It’s not just bad leadership at the unions but it says something about who is being hired at the large airlines and who is staying in these positions for 30 years. There are just too many stories about flight attendants abusing their power and doing bare minimum to excuse it as a few bad apples.

  12. Flight Attendants have to go through very thourough training & their #1 job is to ensure passenger safety. I don’t think if they were trained to carry tasers that this is going to be an issue for passengers who are not trying to attack them. Plus when you are staying in different cities alone constantly this could be added protection from anyone trying to get into their hotel rooms. Flight attendants are often in a vunerable position especially when showing up at the hotel from work while in uniform because anyone looking to target them knows they have no means of protection. While their are measures learned to try 2 maintain their safety their are times that someone either overhears their room # or worse gets it from the front desk at the hotel.

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