United Airlines Launched A Flight School, And The Place Seems To Be A Mess [Roundup]

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  1. Aren’t the admissions policies of the United flight school illegal given the recent ruling of the Supreme Court?

  2. I always check a bag or two. This summer, I might be pushing it and checking three. I mean, given TSA Kabuki theatre, I prefer to check my health and beauty lotions and creams such as eye contact solution, sunscreen, etc. I don’t have time to go shopping for these verboten items at my destination, which often or unavailable or overpriced. Yes, I still bring a small carryon for my laptop, prescription medicine, solid soap and my skimpy swim attire, but I still live in the real world and do check bags.

  3. @Nick – the Supreme Court decision in Students For Free Admission applies to programs receiving federal financial assistance. Does United’s flight school?

  4. Poorly researched comment from Gary that seems to imply that the issues at Aviate are related to their diversity policies when in reality it’s the more mundane and industry wide of rapid turnover of CFIs that reasonably want to leave and fly bigger jets for higher compensation. If you think the Reddit take on Aviate is bad, take three seconds looking at views on ATP and get back to us…

  5. @Eric – nowhere do i say the problems are because of their diversity policies, that’s simply what got fanfare when the academy opened.

  6. I’ve run across some people who pack a carryon for extended international visits, and, honestly, a lot of them didn’t wash their clothes often enough. I assume they can’t smell it themselves, and/or don’t care how they smell or look. Which describes a lot of people, but it’s not for me.

  7. Well if they apire to work for United then better get used to the fear and intimidation game. It’s how things are done here ..in the name of “consistency”.

  8. I might be a bit slow today, but am I missing an inside joke or something that happened in the news regarding Southwest and the YouTube song link?

  9. Will someone tell Nick that the Supreme Court ruling has nothing to do with flight school.

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