United Airlines’ Meal Disaster: A Passenger’s Disappointing Experience [Roundup]

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  • If I were a Pakistan International Airlines flight attendant, I would probably no show my return trip from Toronto, too.

    Two senior flight attendants have slipped away in Canada, shortly after a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight from Islamabad landed in Toronto, spokesperson for the national flag carrier confirmed on Monday.

    With their ‘escape’, the number of PIA crew members who sneaked away upon arrival in Canada this year has increased to four. In a similar manner, four PIA crew members had slipped away last year, too.

  • United really needs to fix this.

  • If Nietzsche ran an airline? “United c’est moi”

  • Flight attendant job:

  • It’s always seemed to me that customers are an annoyance to this American Airlines management, something that stands in the way of their operation. Cleaning planes between flights would risk ‘D0’ exact on-time departures.

  • The Sam’s Club DoubleTree

    “What was originally announced as a Holiday Inn, then a Delta Hotels by Marriott, will open as a new DoubleTree by Hilton in 2026.”

    The Reporter-Telegram previously stated that the hotel – located just south of the H-E-B in west Midland — was supposed to be a Holiday Inn, but that the original developer had financial issues and lost the project to the contractor through a sheriff’s sale.

  • American Airlines further decimates agency sales. American Airlines believes that people choose them because of their schedule and price. And that people will continue to do that. But offering corporate or agency discounts simply sells the same seats for less. And those corporate and agency relationships usually come at a high cost, high touch dedicated service that the airline simply doesn’t need in order to fill seats (in their view, likely at higher fares).

    That’s a bet that other airlines haven’t been willing to make. Heading into a potential downturn they may wish they were still discounting to bulk buyers, and not making working with them too hard for agents who then steer customers away from choosing American.

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  1. I just checked on Amazon and there are disposable seat covers, disposable tray covers and disposable hazmat suits. Maybe they will become more common as USA airlines shirk cleaning of their airplanes.

  2. Can’t recall the last time I had what would pass for a decent meal on a domestic airline.

    I don’t even dream of eating any of it and either catch something before hand or carry it with me.

    Even carry my own drinks because getting service is often a joke. And I only fly FC

  3. During the 90s it was a privilege to fly United and the food was exceptional on board in business or first
    Up to their International standards
    Beautiful salads fresh dressings large shrimp lobster nice entrees even large boxes of Godivas after meal service and desert.That was just LA to New York on a 767
    Now icccccck so now I don’t fly them bad quality and high prices

  4. The United food looks like a Rorschach test.

    It’s been a while since my travel agent years but American massively reducing support seems like a really bad idea. If things go wrong for a client then a travel agency needs a contact that can help in a hurry and will try to steer business to the airline that will provide that support.

  5. Well, I just fly coach anyway, so I always manage to buy something relatively tasty and palatable (or even bring something from home…) to eat inflight if I’m going to be on a 2-3-4+ hour flight. I feel sorry for FC pax who don’t get their money’s worth. This blog seems to “cater” to those who typically fly Business or FC. I hope the continued complaints to the airline eventually help improve things. My concerns (as a Coach passenger) are primarily for on time flying, clean cabins, seats and lavs, and kindly personnel.

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