United Airlines Senior VP Who Went Missing In August Sold His House In November

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  1. Regarding the apparent missing Jake Cefolia, I would say ‘follow the money trail’ to shed more light on this mystery. Not something a random person could do, but certainly something law enforcement could if they felt so inclined.
    Either Mr Cefolia has intentionally disappeared, or their has been foul play.
    I expect this saga has further to run.

  2. They could have just grabbed him at the lawyer’s when the house closed but I guess no one recognized him in his mask.

  3. Gary, You really are the master of click bait. It’s become such an art for you that I don’t even think you realize how good and natural you are at it. I even confess to still falling for the ploy after how many years of reading? Sometimes I fall prey for sensationalist reasons, sure. Other times out of hope, like this headline, that there was a happy ending to a story, only to find out I was suckered in yet again. Even when it involves a tragedy about someone who was clearly hurting and has probably passed, you find a way to bait. You clearly can’t help yourself or recognize how sick it’s become. At this point you might consider having someone help you to reimagine your place as a ‘thought leader” and to assist you in your constructing more reasonable headlines. I say this as I think you are a decent person in the end. And this is not healthy for you, society, or the people who might actually care about this person. My headline for this would have been, “Family sells house of United Airlines Senior VP Who Went Missing In August.” See, was that so hard?

  4. @Stuart

    Lol I think he loves the attention he gets from it and that’s why he keeps doing it. Scold him some more until he’s fully aroused.

  5. I am confused by the repeated claims (not just on this website) that Mesa will bring the regional model to Europe. This seems to imply CityJet, Air Nostrum and Nordica don’t exist. Each of those carriers provided CRJs, ATRs and/or RJ85s to multiple flag carriers…

    This also ignores dedicated regional carriers like BA CityFlyer, Hop!, Lufthansa CityLine etc who are owned by their flag carriers. Previously there used to be a whole system of franchising and leasing from small carriers like Brymon Airways.

  6. The missing UA exec story is fascinating. I don’t give a rat’s patootie that it isn’t about points and miles. It’s travel-related and I appreciate sharing both the broadcast investigation along with the print piece about the house sale in absentia.

    Haters, quit griping. If you don’t like the headline, don’t read the story.

  7. @Huff. I have also been intrigued by the story. What I don’t like is the lack of empathy for the family and friends of this person who might stumble on the headline and are left to wonder. At least have some decorum. Is that so hard? Further, the very point of that headline is to GET YOU to read it. So saying, “just don’t read it” is rather counter intuitive. The headline distorts the reality and twists your point of purchase. This is the danger in our society these days and Gary is nicely falling down the rabbit hole.

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