United Airlines Economy Plus… Plus What, Exactly?

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • Don’t run outside of unauthorized exits at an airport.

  • Late night in Cozumel, rough for everyone.

  • Authentic travel (Economist)

    Ex-guerrillas offer birdwatching, hiking and hearty campfire cuisine as part of Tierra Grata Ecotours in La Paz, a town near the border with Venezuela. Over a two-day hike along boggy mountain paths, Jhonni Giraldo, a former farc footsoldier, leads hardy tourists to Marquetalia, a hamlet. In 1964 the military bombed an armed commune founded by refugees here into oblivion; the survivors headed to the hills and the farc insurgency was born. There is not much to see other than the rusted remains of a downed helicopter. Mr Giraldo is mulling over reconstructing the house of Manuel Marulanda, the founder of the farc.

  • New Admirals Club ‘Service Center’ in Philadelphia

    New: PHL Guest Services Center at Gate A19
    You can visit the Guest Service Center at Gate A19 for help with ticketing and travel between 3:30 – 10 p.m. This space will also offer grab-and-go snacks, bottled water and coffee.

    Guest Services Centers, generally employed while a lounge is closed, can actually be better – free bottled water, something Admirals Clubs usually charge for!

  • They don’t actually ever say Economy plus what exactly..

  • Stanley Tucci on his first-ever first class flight and on how people dress for travel,

    The way that people dress. I mean, everybody’s dressed like a nine year old. And you think, but you’re not nine years old! You’re a person. Put a shirt on, wear a pair of shoes. Why do you have to wear sweats? Even my children, my older children – I’m like, “You can’t dress like that on a plane.” But that’s a very old fashioned way of thinking. You always got dressed up to travel. I still do. I’ll sometimes just wear a suit on a plane. I’ve become a little less severe as I’ve gotten older, but I will always have a jacket.

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  1. Very recently flew United from FCO to EWR on a former-CO 777 in Polaris. But for one flight attendant, the service was cold and indifferent. The food was absolutely revolting and in spite of the much ballyhooed Polaris retrofits, the cabin and plane looked far older than its 22 years. The only positives were an on time departure and arrival into Newark (a miracle these days), and a nice pilot who provided nice updates throughout and genuinely felt happy to be there. United has come somewhat of a long way from the dragging incident and its botched merger with CO, but it is far from being what it aims to be and likely will never reach such lofty goals.

  2. Years ago, UA, ORDEWR, 0600 flight, 1C. Saw a roach scuttling across the aisle. I was holding Horizons and terminated it. The stewardess saw the event unfold as she left the galley. She then asked to clear it up.

  3. Dressy casual for day flights. Overnight flights are hard because need to be comfortable without embarrassing self. This is easy enough as a young person but the middle aged dude needs his blazer to smooth out that gut

  4. Economy Plus means you get expanded pitch. That’s it. As a tall guy, I find it reasonably comfortable and have never had a bad experience with it. Nothing fancy, but it makes the flight bearable in coach – and is better than some other airlines’ equivalent offerings.

    The ‘vermin’ is an isolated incident and can happen on any airline that flies to warmer climates where such creatures abound. Besides, there’s fresh a viral video out there of a flying cockroach on an AA 737 which proves the point.

  5. It’s not fair to pre-emptively blame United. It could’ve come from a bag that airport security let slip, very similar to what happened on a flight from Italy in 2019

  6. In 2015, a woman got stung by a scorpion while flying Alaska Airlines. Nobody blamed Alaska Airlines for that, so why does United suddenly deserve blame when a similar incident occurs on their flight?

  7. Finally fresh protein in United Economy plus instead of carbs
    Congrats to the catering dept!

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