United Flight Attendants Stick It To Junior Crew With ‘Full Pay To The Last Day’ Call

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  1. @Christian – Really? Unions always screw their junior members. All that matter is how long you’ve paid dues.

  2. I can’t blame the FA’s since ultimately most of them will be let go in one form or another come September. United would have dumped them sooner, but wanted that bailout money

  3. I’m a pilot with a short 6 years at United and believe I am prime furlough material. I have seen what previous concessions have done for preventing furloughs at United in the past. NOTHING. Pay cuts or any other concession has an awful track record at United when it comes to saving jobs. It also has proven that any gives are VERY difficult to get back all while management has dished our huge bonuses when the tide turned and the rank and file had to spend years clawing back their concessions.

    I don’t speak for the flight attendants at United but I stand behind full pay till the last day. We are already a year passed our contract amendable date, many pilots being displaced from high paying captain or wide body first officer seats are taking big pay cuts. That’s enough help for me as a junior pilot to say that’s all we need to give. Especially after our billions of stock buy backs that have been pissed away. There is not much sympathy for our leadership claiming to be house poor now.

    Hopefully our junior FA’s can chime in about how they feel about the FPLD sentiment. I want our company to succeed, but pay cuts and concessions will not save a company that has a revenue problem.

  4. A couple of posts that serve as a reminder that corporations do not care about their employees. They care about money.

  5. Any conscious person accepting a Flight Attendant job with an airline whose Flight Attendants are with a union such as the AFA knows or should know the last hired is the first fired (furloughed). Also, outside of SWA, all major U.S. airlines are notoriously unstable employers. Finally, as most folks apparently live pay check to pay check, if every Flight Attendant worked for 1/2 pay to “save jobs” then the vast majority couldn’t live off that income! So the junior FA’s get furloughed, as they should expect, NOT screwed! Finally, Peter is absolutely right in his observations!

  6. Let’s get real its, not about saving jobs, its about keeping the board of directors happy if the Airlines could they would take the Government bailout,and still cut the employees hours its no secret

  7. It’s always about seniority when it comes to furloughs and bidding your trips and vacation. Sadly when times get bad the ones affected the most are the junior people. Right or wrong it’s always about seniority.
    There will never be a happy ending.
    I wish all the best to all the hard working flight attendants at UAL.

  8. Remember…this author is a hedge fund manager. He stands to gain by sowing discord.

    UA FAs are not interested in this veiled attempt to abrogate our contract.

    Furloughed employees are always first in line when the need returns. Employee give backs/sacrifices never return.

    The click/bait here is reprehensible. Shame on you for trying to divide our work group.

  9. 12,000 flight attendants, mostly senior, took 6 month leaves giving the juniors access to their “full pay jobs” til their last day before possible furlough.

  10. As one of the junior flight attendants who will be fourloughed in October I will happily take the furlough if it means when we get recalled we are coming back to the contract our colluges spent decades fighting for. We understand the situation our company is in and trust me we know it’s hard fourloughing and getting furloughed.

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