United Flight Diverts Because Passenger Won’t Stop Smearing Poop

Yesterday’s United Airlines Chicago – Hong Kong flight UA895 had to divert to Anchorage because a passenger kept “smearing feces everywhere” according to airport police.

They say the adult male smeared the excrement in a couple of bathrooms, and took off his shirt and tried to stuff it in a toilet. He was cooperative with the flight crew and was seated when the flight landed in Anchorage.

The man was taken to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation and was not charged.

The plane was forced to overnight in Anchorage for ‘maintenance’. In the mean time you may want to bring extra hand wipes if flying onboard United tail N793UA. Although at least he kept to the lavatories and not a United Airlines food service cart.

United Airlines Boeing 777-200, Copyright: schulzhattingen / 123RF Stock Photo

The best takes on the incident so far? He was just frustrated because his confirmation said ‘Polaris’ so he thought he’d have the new business class seats and calling Polaris food and wine ‘feces’ is a bit harsh. Of course he may have just been protesting United’s plan to add 23 seats to these Boeing 777-200s.

This is hardly the first time that a plane has had to divert because of poo of course. You can just imagine Samuel Jackson sick and tired of poop on a plane, which is why his famous diatribe ends by declaring he’s about to open some windows.

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  1. You just know somewhere in heaven Gerald Finneran is taking a dump in a service cart in this guy’s honor.

  2. Really?? Worthy article for a “thought leader”? Sorry Gary, but I expect better from you (and yes I know it’s your blog…… but I have to wonder if I want to keep reading)

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  6. It’s amazing how quickly the internet can turn on someone they read so often as if you don’t post useful and insightful knowledge and some curious/funny/filler here and there too.

    Keep writing what you enjoy writing. I for one don’t want to just read in-depth analysis day in and day out. Mixing it up breaks up the heavier content.

  7. An expressive way to advertise the fact that UAL customer service and operations’ value are both for shit.

  8. Very unfortunate occurrence for the crew and passengers…..smearing like this is Scatolia and/ or related to Coprophagia is usually be associated with a psychiatric condition….often in relation to dementia, Alzhiemers, mental retardation, OCD conditions and Autism. it is a complex and difficult condition to treat and eliminate usually because of the difficulty in treating the underlying pathological conditions. its not unusual to get this problem in hotels and is the first time I have heard of it on a plane. PLEASE no pictures……..

  9. @Ray seconded. This might in fact be the greatest article I have ever read. I really need to assemble a page of links to VFTW’s most sensational and salacious posts. If Gary doesn’t cover this beat, who will?

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