United Copies Delta Again, This Time With Cookies

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  • This week United is launching Biscoff cookies in addition to the stroopwafel and pretzels as coach snack choices (they drop Maple Wafers). I’d be tempted to say ‘once again United copies Delta’ except I had my very first Biscoff on United Express in the early 90’s.

  • Why Norwegian Air is failing

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  • Willie Walsh, who runs the parent company of British Airways, Iberia, Aer Lingus, and Vueling, is complaining about the cost of London Heathrow’s third runway. He doesn’t like adding capacity to Heathrow because that extra capacity won’t all go to British Airways. And a third runway at Heathrow that didn’t cost a lot would be like a cat that barks.

  • Yesterday American Airlines reminded employees not to use Admirals Clubs “before, after or during work hours” and only when “traveling outbound as a passenger on American or a partner airline.”

    Admirals Club, Charlotte Concourse B

  • Queens, New York residents are furious that the class Pepsi sign that’s been at place at the East River since 1940 has temporarily been altered to promote their new partnership with JetBlue.

    If I were JetBlue I wouldn’t want to admit having downgraded from Coke to Pepsi, either. This was not a decision made with passenger experience at the center.

  • This was funny:

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  1. If only United would copy Delta’s fair treatment of customers who paid for Lifetime airline club membership. Unlike Delta, United persists in its plan to start stealing from its Lifetime members on November 1.

  2. Thankfully UA realized their mistake and brought back the stroopwafels. They previously promised those maple cookies would be the next big hit but turns out no one really liked those things.

  3. Fly18725 on FT (a notorious UA plant) tried to convince everyone that the Maple cookies were just as good as the Stroopwafels and were by no means a cost reduction. Yeah right. Proof is in the pudding – they were terrible.

  4. I wouldn’t say UA “copied” Delta with the biscoffs … AA has had them for years too …

    ….. “eew they copied Delta..”

    Sounds like a 10 year old who’s obsessed with DL wrote this article ..

  5. “I’d be tempted to say ‘once again United copies Delta’…”

    So instead your headline is “United copies Delta again”, lol ???

  6. I actually liked the maple cookies. An additional bonus was that the mass was in grams only, not also in ozzes that one country in the world still insists on using.

  7. The point of AA’s reminder to employees regarding use of Admirals Clubs is in the context that boarding passes will be required for entry beginning November 1.

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