United Passenger No Longer Master Of His Domain, Gets Met By Mexican Authorities

On Wednesday’s United Airlines Houston – Mexico City flight UA1060, a passenger reported that the man she was sitting next to was adjusting himself. Actress Shalita Grant, known for appearing as Special Agent Sonja Percy in NCIS: New Orleans tweeted her encounter on the flight. And she took video of the alleged deed.

I won’t embed video she took and posted to social media, you can see it here if you wish. Reviewing the tape it’s not completely clear from the part posted whether the man is doing what he’s accused of doing or actually just ‘adjusting himself’ although I have no reason to doubt her story.

Initially she claimed that “[t]he captain doesn’t want to report him” and that he had “questioned whether it was even worth it based on if we spoke English or not.” However she pushed on cabin crew to escalate the incident.

United employees did take action, though, because the man was reportedly detained by Mexican authorities on arrival. While I don’t tend to rely on Ms. Grant for legal analysis, despite her playing an NCIS Special Agent on TV, she reports that the man faces “a 3 year charge.”

She commended “amazing United employee..Mario” who took “extreme care…and also has two daughters.”

Apparently this man, whom she names in her tweets, couldn’t stay Master of His Domain for the scheduled 2 hour 10 minute flight.

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  1. OMG, I’ve seen people having intercourse in coach on trans-Atlantic. She needs to put up more video! Then, we can really tell….

  2. Women always claim men don’t know about their bodies. Women apparently know nothing about male bodies. When a man has an appendage hanging from the body pressed against pants or shorts, it hurts. Form fitting clothes are not designed to give men maximum comfort. On top of that, underwear with a button hurts if the glans presses in the wrong spot. It’s normal for a man to adjust himself throughout the day. It’s normal for a man to put his hands in his pockets to pull on the underwear so it is not abrading his glans. All important female parts are internal. Women can pee and make babies/have babies with only their internal parts. Men can only pee and make babies with one appendage that is external.

    I don’t want to say anything about this woman. If you read this blog, you know what I think. You also know how dangerous it is for government to interact with people (and possibly charge them and prosecute them) on something that is not absolutely a sure thing. The fact that this can be a man adjusting himself means it is abusive to even detain him for a second. The standard of beyond a reasonable doubt in the U.S. is itself bogus as no one should be convicted unless people are absolutely sure and have no doubt. Too many people have been convicted on eye witness testimony only for dna evidence 20 years later to exonerate them.

  3. Umm, lol. This is the most ludicrous video evidence I have ever seen. I would be serving life in prison if “adjusting” as she shows was evidence of disgusting lewd behavior. That’s it, the next time I see a woman hiking up or adjusting their breasts I am complaining to flight crews, capturing it on video and claiming PTSD. Really, this is so hilarious as to be insane. But she is a Tony award winner, so I guess we are supposed to believe her? I’d cancel her if I even knew who the heck she was.

  4. If the Guatemalan guy on her flight was doing what she says he was doing there, it’s very gross. But if the genitals were concealed by his own clothes the entire time, then what crime was committed by the Guatemalan passenger on her flight?

    Apparently the detained guy is married and probably has had children of his own. Locking him up for what was on the video seems excessive. And isn’t handcuffing the guy gross? Or did he wash his hands before being detained?

  5. The comments are here, and the comments are Twitter, are night and day.

    Or should I say day and night? VFTW = sane, Twitter = completely bonkers.

    The D list celeb has plastered an innocent man’s name, age, and photo on the web.

    How do I know the man is innocent?

    Well, it’s a presumption of mine.

    You know how a cornerstone of all civil democracies is the presumption of innocence – until PROVEN guilty.

    The video doesn’t prove JACK SHIT.

    And several single digit IQ users on Twitter are saying that even if the man were just tucking in his shirt he should have gone to the BATHROOM.

    WTF? These Twitter dumb fucks should go to HELL.

  6. When will people learn that a video of someone complaining or yelling at someone else isn’t proof of wrongdoing – you can’t trust a single news organization to tell the truth of a story, yet we just take the word of these random people that we know nothing about simply because they tweeted something bad happened to them and use a video of them being upset as some kind of evidence (even though it is completely meaningless). Agree with other comments about a low level celeb seeking attention. Non-story. Get over yourself.

    How about instead of reporting these stories like they have any truth or validity, they get reported as morons looking for attention *assuming there is no ‘actual’ proof of what happened.

  7. What a sad and sorry woman. My guess is she is insecure about her life and has serious DYKWIA syndrome. If you were accusing someone of this you better have damn good evidence, and that video shows nothing. United, you better do the right thing. Discrimination is wrong by anyone and for this woman to treat this man this way because of the way god created men with an appendage hanging between our legs, is bigoted and misogynistic.

  8. The video she posted showed nothing inappropriate. Is this just another case of piling abuse on people who don’t speak your language and can’t quickly rebut your preposterous accusations?

  9. This is the story of an aging B-list actress trying to make a woke name for herself by unfairly trying to ruin a guy’s life because she doesn’t care to know the difference between a man pleasuring himself and a man having to readjust his junk in the tight squeeze of an airline seat.

    It seems pretty clear to me that he was doing the latter. Perhaps not as subtly as some, but that doesn’t make him a criminal. .

  10. Plenty of mansplaining going on here….

    Gary, why not consider disabling comments on a story like this?

  11. @Jackson Waterson
    No, we don’t know what you think, even though you write two paragraphs of what you think.
    So, you don’t want to say anything about that woman but you blabber on for two paragraphs.
    Oh, “Mr. Know it All” it’s glands not glans.

  12. A pathetic attempt at grabbing attention. Gotta love the internet for providing a vehicle for all these losers to post ridiculous experiences.

  13. @Rog

    It seems you are unfamiliar with the male anatomy. Kindly look up the terminology you tried to correct Jackson Waterson on. Then prostrate yourself and apologize.

    The male passenger might have been doing something impolite, but hardly criminal. For what it’s worth, Ms. Grant is a lesbian. I cannot comment on any bias she might have against men. Her sexual behavior is considered criminal in many places around the world. For some reason the way she spoke reminded me of Vice President Harris of the Harris-Biden administration with Joe Biden as President. There was no cackling audible at the end, though.

  14. The guy was either scratching or adjusting himself. Methinks the Actress is trying to drum up some publicity for herself.

  15. @Andyandy @cargocult meant prostrate, and used the word correctly.

    There are these things called “dictionaries” that can be used to ascertain the meanings of words your are not familiar with.

  16. Unless he was actively pumping away prior to the video- I think he just had a scratch

  17. def not conclusive by video alone sorry sweetie
    never heard of her BTW

  18. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt as I don’t believe she just began randomly filming the pax next to her. That said – and beyond the brief phone video posted – I do agree somewhat with Jon upthread.

    The “shaming” of the pilot, the virtue signalling for the UA agent (“….he has two daughters”) that was responsive to her complaint, publicly posting partial personally identifying information (PII) about the alleged perp, the suggestion that he must have behaved similarly in the past (“and gotten away with it, judging by his reaction”….sheesh!)

    Just seems her reaction(s) are calculated just to receive reactions. That’s where I lose sympathy. If she were indeed harassed, the alleged perp was detained upon arrival by authorities. Let the resultant action play out legally rather than ginning up the court of public opinion.

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