United Passenger Tries To Break Into Cockpit, Opens Aircraft Door And Jumps Onto The Slide At LAX

United Airlines flight UA5365 from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City was delayed 3 hours and 40 minutes Friday night, not arriving until 1:25 a.m. on Saturday, after a passenger tried to enter the cockpit of the SkyWest regional jet prior to departure from LAX. When that didn’t work, he opened the door of the aircraft, popping the slide, and slid down onto the tarmac.

Police and fire responded and apprehended the passenger. According to United’s regional carrier,

During taxi out this evening, a passenger aboard SkyWest flight 5365, operating as United Express from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City, opened a service door and exited the aircraft.

Law enforcement has detained the individual and the aircraft returned to the gate. There were no injuries onboard.

It’s unclear what motivated the passenger. There was speculation about an attempted hijacking but this seems like a strange way to attempt that, so it appears unlikely.

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  1. This happening too often they need to give a lifetime ban from flying. – I don’t care if he had mental issues.

  2. A theory:

    A) Limited or no alcohol on flights
    B) States with legal marijuana
    C) people looking for alternatives

    A+B+C = People tripping balls on way too many THC infused gummy bears.

    I’m just saying, blood test on arrest. M’kay?

  3. OMG, what’s happening with some folks? People who act like fools on any flight should be banned from flying on all airlines and Fined to the maximum. This nonsense has gotten way out of hand and can potentially be extremely dangerous.

  4. @Steven Bulger: I think you meant the US has turned into the Wild West now that anyone can walk around with guns on hip without permits in Texas. Soon to follow elsewhere is my bet.

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