United Pilot Receives $300,000 Settlement After TSA Claimed He Was Exposing Himself

A year ago police stormed the hotel room of a United Airlines pilot. He was staying at the Westin attached to the Denver airport, and they accused him of waving naked at the TSA below from this room’s window.

Police entered his room with guns drawn and he was taken into custody. The pilot was accused of “dancing, gyrating and waiving” naked at people below.

He was indeed naked – he admits that. He said he was getting into the shower when he took a phone call. Apparently, according to the pilot’s attorney, you cannot see out the window at the people below but they can see into the room.

While criminal charges were dismissed back in the spring, he served a six month suspension from the airline and became a national news story. He’s now received a $300,000 settlement because he clearly did nothing knowingly inappropriate, the city (which owns the hotel) designed it poorly, and he suffered as a result.

While the city is paying out the settlement, law enforcement should be on the hook here too as there’s absolutely no reason to have stormed a hotel room with guns drawn over a non-violent incident.

Mental note: if forced to stay at the Westin Denver due to weather or other irregular operations, keep shades closed.

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  1. Something tells me a bunch of pervs designed this hotel to get a look at young ladies rather than the pilot and his “”””””co-pilot”””””

  2. I’m really having a hard time getting my head around the idea that a hotel would have windows that you can’t see out of, but people can see into. Why would anyone design hotel windows like that? How bad would the view have to be before you did that? And then you still allow the people outside to be able to see in? So it’s not regular glass? Why would they design that?

    That explanation doesn’t make sense unless there’s some missing info there.

  3. Wow just Google the image for that hotel and he’s absolutely right. Why the hell would they use windows that you can see so clearly into, especially when there’s a terminal right below?

  4. I’m assuming someone installed the windows the wrong way or drew the window installation details incorrectly

  5. I can tell you first hand that the TWA Hotel at JFK has this problem. People need to keep their shades down if they are dressing or undressing. While having dinner last Friday night in the hotel restaurant we could see into every room that had their shades up. And yes, there was some guy stripping down clueless that he was advertising himself to anyone outside. The rooms on the other side of the building are close enough to the tarmac that any Jet Blue flight coming to the end gates can clearly see what’s going on in the rooms.

  6. “Mental note: if forced to stay at the Westin Denver due to weather or other irregular operations, keep shades closed.”

    And possibly be out $300,000.

  7. TSA could see so well that they thought he had a gun? they can not even find a gun in a 26″ Pullman under X ray, but the TSA thought his stuff was that big that it looked like a gun?

    Good thing Dolly Parton was not standing at the window making a phone call. What would they think then? Twin Hindenburgs?

  8. Why are police entering a room with guns drawn in the first place. Imagine if citizens started to enter the homes of cops with guns drawn while their families are eating dinner or sleeping naked in bed. I’m sure the cops will be the first to complain yet they do this regularly with no good reason. Cops should not be entering anyone’s property unless someone is being held hostage. People have a right to be safe in their own homes and in hotel rooms they rent.

  9. Anybody surprised???
    Simple as that, either the entire Nation is crazy about seeing somebody nude (in his own hotel room, maybe dancing to hot radio music) or it finally came out, that this country still has to learn a lot.
    Mind your OWN business and finally learn that (unless you’re really doing a show off in public) we all were born nude.
    A nation that has 6 y.o. Boys show up at school with a loaded gun and Police is doing random traffic checks with unsecured guns, why be surprised if some badly trained TSA people who don’t do there job right, but get into your personal hotel business, think of a criminal act, by seeing a nude Guy at a Hotelroom rather then focusing on there job they are paid for?
    Either they were new at that check point or they were mad that this Pilot had more to show then they ever would, i’m sure this Hotel is not just there with open window blinds since that incidence at DEN airport?!

    Maybe, either the entire Nation has to relax a lot more over human things rather then seeing EVERYTHING as a crime or for those never been to the US, avoid that country if possible!
    Let’s hope that pilot did not loose any license or his job because if this, or maybe the US people finally learn that a nude person in his hotel room (which is for sure known to be a Hotel by TSA people who word there day by day, or did they sleep at work the days before to not know about the hotelrooms there?) could be a normal thing, no matter where in the world, maybe Denver, CO is just not from this World then?

    What do we expect from a country that likes to see a crime in everything these days and as we in Germany say, the fish always starts to smell at the “head”.

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