United Won’t Stop Flying To Europe, Israel, Asia Or South America After All

After just yesterday announcing the end of all long haul services, United Airlines on Saturday evening changed their mind and reintroduced several flights through their May schedule:

  • Newark – Frankfurt (Flights 960/961)
  • Newark – London (Flights 16/17)
  • Newark – Tel Aviv (Flights 90/91)
  • Houston – Sao Paulo (Flights 62/63)
  • San Francisco – Tokyo-Narita (Flights 837/838)
  • San Francisco – Sydney (Flights 863/870)

They will also run additional service over the next week “to help displaced customers who still need to get home.”

Through March 27 outbound:

  • Newark – Amsterdam (Flights 70/71)
  • Newark – Munich (Flights 30/31)
  • Newark – Brussels (Flights 999/998)
  • Washington-Dulles – London (Flights 918/919)
  • San Francisco – Frankfurt (Flights 58/59)
  • Newark/New York – Sao Paulo (Flights 149/148)

Finally, through March 29 outbound United will run San Francisco – Seoul (Flights 893/892).

Just yesterday United had announced its final Westbound transatlantic would be March 25; its last flight departing Cape Town March 28; and the final Eastbound transpacific on March 25 except that San Francisco – Tahiti and San Francisco – Sydney would have return flights on March 28.

United’s Canada flying ends April 1. The last Southbound Central and South America flights besides Sao Paulo will be Tuesday, March 24. There will still be limited Mexico service. Some Guam flights will remain as well along with part of their Pacific ‘island hopper’.

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  1. Thanks, Gary–that explains why my daughter’s UA 919 LHR>IAD flight was canceled yesterday, March 20, but resumed service today, Saturday the 21st. I did notice that all UA TATL flights appear to only run through March 30 on the UA website. Thereafter, one has to utilize partner Air Canada to get out of the UK and fly into YYZ, and then the US.

  2. I rarely fly United but think its theme song is superb! The person who picked Rhapsody in Blue is a genius.

  3. ”There will still be limited Mexico service“

    Gary-Ok, this may seem naive on my part but with my home state having a shelter in place and ‘no non-essential’ travel, coupled with the recently announced State Department directive that travel to Mexico now has some restrictions, I would assume that any planned vacation there can’t (or shouldn’t be done)? Is this something where they would actually ask what the purpose of my trip is? (My flights are still running, but obviously the airline doesn’t know/care what my trip is for). And if the hotel itself happens not to close and stay open during these dates, could the travel restrictions in place (set by the government) be enough for me to cancel the trip and get a refund of the non-refundable deposit with the 3rd party online booking site where I made the reservation?

    Part of me is holding out hope that I can still go south of the border in min-April but after you do your best “Snap Out of It” line to get me to face reality that any leisure travel shouldn’t be done at all, I’m wondering about the enforcement of the travel ban and how valid of a reason it is for such booking sites to waive any fees for me and/or for me to possibly do a credit card charge back if they don’t. Thanks to all for feedback.

  4. Right after posting my previous comment/question, I did some further research about the travel ban/restriction and found the official government summary document. Just to clarify a detail that I read, the restriction for ‘non essential’ recreational travel (e.g tourism) was via a closure at LAND crossings; it specifically mentions that it does not apply to air crossings. So beyond the technical aspect, the messaging (and rules) seem a bit confusing….walking/driving across the border is a no-no but it doesn’t ban flying.

    Further confusing the matter is if you live in a state like me that has a shelter in place enacted that ‘bars non-essential travel.’ So the state says you can’t fly but the federal government says you can??

  5. @Matthewsf:

    frankly it is irresponsible to go on vacation right now, especially out of the country.

    If you are willing to get quarantined or stuck for an indefinite period, then by all means, have fun.

  6. I have a question maybe someone could answer. I booked a ticket with avianca miles One with Swiss air. And the return with air Canada. Who do I call to cancel. Also will there be a penalty ,,,Thx.

  7. @Scott – you have to call lifemiles to cancel, you don’t mention the dates or if the flights are still scheduled, necessary information in terms of whether there’s a fee

  8. @Matthewsf–I own a home in Mexico and live there with a Temporary Residence permit, but I am now in the USA on business. My spouse is in Mexico on a Permanent Residence Permit. We are both US citizens. HE is free to come and go, but because I have only a Temp Res permit, I cannot re-enter the country at this time—YMMV.

    Also, be aware that the individual Mexican states have mandated closures and holidays–right now the Jalisco governor has mandated “5 dias en casa”, 5 days at home, so that people are staying at home this weekend and on through Wednesday night. This program is going on across Mexico, and it will vary from state to state, day to day. So you may arrive to closed businesses and few services.

    The other concern is health care, should you need it in Mexico. IF you have the money, the health care is great. A Covid-19 test is available for $250- cash. The average in-patient private hospital stay per 24 hours with IV, respiratory medicines, etc (I know, I had pneumonia last year) averages about $450- cash.

    Be aware that travel insurance purchased now will not cover Covid-19 incidents.

  9. @ KimmieA-thanks for the feedback and info about what’s happening on the other side of the border. Sorry to hear of your situation. Just curious, but is the Mexican Government refusing your re-entry there via a land-border crossing? Very interesting (and imagine frustrating for you two) that your Temp Res permit doesn’t allow you to return to your other home .

  10. Gary. Just to clarify my dates on my comment. Leave Chicago June 16. To Paris on Swiss air. Return July 3 Paris to ord on air Canada.

  11. The state department issued a warning to not travel internationally – period. That if you do, you shouldn’t be surprised to get stuck abroad – basically. Idk how airlines can refuse refunds when DoS is warning people not to travel abroad.

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