United’s 787 Seatmap Updated

In yesterday’s post on United’s new 787 serving Denver – Tokyo, I noted that the schedule was live and thus a 787 seatmap was online that you could access when making a (dummy) booking.

But the seatmap looked odd, since it had more seats available than the announced configuration of the aircraft was supposed to hold, and the seatmap didn’t specifically flag economy plus.

Seth notes in the comments on that post that overnight United has updated the seatmap, and these problems appear fixed.

Here’s the new seatmap:

(Click on the seatmap above to enlarge)

It’s interesting that there’s no center section of seats in row 16, but that the center section of row 23 is economy plus (while the right and left sides are not), and that the row 27 exit seats are considered economy plus seats… also that the two final rows — 37 and 38 — are center seats only. Talk about exposure to lavatory traffic!

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  1. Why not just (or also) post Seth’s seatmap since he has had “company moles” bless his rendition (and he is also seemingly obsessed with this issue)?

  2. I think row 27 is considered economy plus because on pmCO flights the exit rows were their version of e+.

    Also it’s interesting to note that they are going with the original continental seating plan of continental flights which do not include the new global first like united had. A lot of business travelers like to have 3 class cabin on flights to asia specifically japan. it is truly unfortunate that the new united airlines has yet to decide on a unified international product .

  3. Why not just make E+ fill that entire section? I can’t think of a single PMUA plane where E+ doesn’t extend all the way to either a galley or the exit rows…. i.e. some logical breakpoint.

  4. This is my lead contender for the worst imaginable seat plan for an aircraft, ever. 9 across in economy (terrible seat width), instead of 2-4/5-2, Rows 37 and 38 look like a nightmare, 2 cabin instead of 3, etc.

    Extremely dissapointing for an aircraft I was actually previously excited about trying. If I’m not going to be in the front, I’m not flying it.

  5. If you put E+ in the whole section then you’d lose an entire row of seats or you’d have to make it a pretty crappy E+ pitch. There’s just not enough space in there to have all the rows be E+.

    And I’m only obsessed with it because I hate seeing people publish information that is known to be inaccurate.

  6. Do we know when they are going to start offering biz seats for purchase or is it going to be an auction?

  7. Last I was aware, the first 787’s were Houston – Auckland and Houston – Nigeria. What has changed???

  8. No middle seats at row 16 because that is the entrance to the flight attendants crew rest area.

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