United’s ‘Polaris’ Food Disaster: A New Low in Business Class? [Roundup]

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  1. Seems like the airlines need to spend a little bit more on their vendor management function. They’re really getting dragged through the mud in public by contract cleaners and caterers. I guess there isn’t much competition in the space at an airport level, though, so they probably don’t have a ton of leverage.

  2. The purported photo of UA’s disgusting Polaris First food offering shown on the cover is “not found” in the piece, but has the photo’s authenticity even been verified before posting it?

    I have seen many pictures in this very space that have been claimed to depict the kind of disgusting food that one airline or another has purportedly offered, except that I have actually never encountered anything like what has been depicted…ever. What’s up with that?

  3. From the photo in this View From The Wing article, I cannot determine if United Airlines now serves dog or cat food to the business first “Polaris” cabin passengers.

  4. I fly Polaris at least three times a year from various hubs -EWR, IAD and IAH most frequently – and I have never experienced anything like what this blogger alleges. This blog shows up frequently on my newsfeed andI have come to the conclusion he hates airlines because all he does is complain.

  5. I agree that anything posted on the internet, no matter from whom, needs to be looked at with clear eyes. In the last two years, I have had a couple of meals up front on United that looked like pet food … I just asked the FA for a food box from coach. And it was served all unbundled just like a first-class meal. Cracked me up. How a huge corporation runs things has always been so interesting … do these people have working brains or no?

  6. I can not fathom any airline serving that mess to a business class passenger. If that is legit UA has another embarrassment on their hands. Catering has completely failed.

  7. The original tweeter is GONE – shows his account no longer exists. I’d hold this in the “suspect” pile

  8. we just flew United to Europe Business class. The food was not edible , would not feed it to my dog. paid a little over 5 grand for these flights each. COME ON GET IT TOGATHER ALREADY !!!

  9. I flew Neark to Capetown a year ago United Polaris. On the way back they didnt even have menus. The food was not great and I am not picky. Same for mid flight snack. I have never gotten decent service or food on any Ultra long haul United flight.

  10. Nothing suspect about this, it’s the butternut squash, ,standard Polaris fare on a Polaris tray.

    Such utter bs by one who has probably been in a Polaris cabin only a couple of times since its launch.

  11. I’ve never seen anything on UA that bad, but it remains that almost all UA food and beverage is bad, or sub-par at best. All of their talk about improvements are just talk until we start seeing it.

  12. I was just recently on United Polaris flights from Houston to IAD and IAD to Munich
    I did not experience nor see anything resembling the food shown in the photo. Although United’s food is not necessarily the most appetizing in looks or taste, it’s nothing like what’s shown in the photo. I will say that the best food I had on any airline is Turkish Airlines. Their food is the best in my opinion and if I could, I would fly Turkish Airlines for the food alone.

  13. To X: I am very much a normal person person and it very much my choice to travel which ever airlines I choose to any destination I choose across the world, as well as the class I choose to travel. You response ishows your like of knowledge and foresight when traveling internationally. It appears that based on the response that you are limited in this area. Maybe you need to expand what you’re exposed to outside of whatever state you reside in. Happy Travels or should I say NON travels in your future.

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