An Update to Cookie-Gate: Another Change to the Beloved Cookie!

A couple of weeks ago I shared my rant about the American Airlines cookie.

First world problems, right? If a cookie is going to be what they serve as dessert even on dinner flights, then I’d hope they would make it the cookie that actually used to be gooey, moist, and delicious …

There even used to be a choice of cookies. But they replaced my American Airlines cookie with an inedible piece of cake shaped like a (msaller) cookie.

At first I accepted the cookie, took a bite, and stopped. After a few times realizing it wasn’t the vagaries of a particular flight, batch, or flight attendant I simply started declining the cookie.

Last night flying American I finished my meal and the flight attendant brought out what I assumed would be cookies. Instead it was more of a scone. A chocolate chip scone.

Now, I’m not a huge fan of scones. At least on their own and without accompaniments of any kind. But at least it wasn’t the NewCookie.

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  1. This cookie thing is getting kind of old. How many people actually went crazy over the old one? No one that I ever knew. I don’t find the new one materially different at all. It is slightly lighter – so probably less brown sugar – and uses chocolate squares rather than chips but it is not really that different. It is still hot and falls all apart and makes a mess.

    Personally both the old and new cookies remind me exactly of these bake-from-frozen foodservice brand (Sysco or similar) ones that were omnipresent in my college fraternity house. I’d rather they just serve a rotating actual dessert like cake or pie or something.

  2. I could care less about the chocolate chip cookies, new or old. However, I am truly sad for the loss of the mostly baked on board, warm, white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. That totally sucks.

    One the rare occasions that I passed on one, it least it smelled good!

  3. I agree with JetAway, mentions of “First World Problems” is only relevant to the peasants from third world countries that read this blog. 🙂

    For the rest of us, who do live in First World Countries, First World Problems are in fact simply problems. No need to apologize for that.

  4. You’ve ceased to be a travel blogger, Gary. Cookies, Elephant Jumps and BBQ seem to be the only things besides credit cards you write about anymore. It would be nice to see you get back to your roots and review products and blog about relevant travel. Otherwise, your blogs have become as stale and boring as the cookies you detest on AA now.

  5. In case you’re polling, I appreciate the acknowledgment that complaining about the quality of cookies on an expensive airplane trip is NOT a real problem. The current shorthand for saying you recognize that is “first world problem.” It says “I DO know this is small in the grand scheme of things, . . . .” Otherwise, you risk a lot of dumb readers criticizing you for complaining about something that is not “important.”

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