US Airlines are Losing Interest in China, and That’s Bad for China’s Carriers

China is the next big thing. That was true 15 years ago, and may still be true 15 years from now (without ever actually becoming).

Aviation between the US and China has growth tremendously. Some of that makes sense as China has grown:

  • Over the past 14 years China-originating traffic has grown from 250,000 a year to 3 million a year
  • China as a business destination has grown as well, though not at the same pace.

During that time the number of flights between the U.S. and China has quintupled. Some of that consists of secondary routes as Chinese airlines squat on flights they might want to operate in the future. The Chinese government has only permitted one national carrier to fly each route between China and the U.S. so an airline needs to start a route before someone else does and operate it even if it is not profitable (although there’s been talk of relaxing this policy).

In addition to flights between major US cities and Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengdu,

  • Hainan Airlines flies Changsha–Los Angeles as well as Chongqing–Los Angeles and New York
  • Sichuan Airliens flies Hangzhou-Los Angeles and Jinan-Los Angeles
  • Xiamen Airlines flies Shenzhen–Seattle, Fuzhou–New York, and Qingdao–Los Angeles

Air China almost only flies between major U.S. cities and Beijing, and Marisa Garcia finds their head of North America throwing shade at some of the other airlines in China,

We don’t play sleight of hand, especially we don’t play financial sleight of hand. We run a great airline, and we offer great service. We’re not going to cut back, and we’re not taking any handout from anyone. We’re totally clean. We’re competing in a marketplace. Other carriers, I’m not going to comment on.

American carriers used to operate two-thirds of the flights between the U.S. and China, and now that’s flipped. And to hear Dr. Zhihang Chi, Vice President and General Manager of Air China North America, tell it “the US carriers are losing interest in the China market.” That’s a bolder claim than is likely accurate, but there’s some truth.

Delta of course remains closely linked to China Eastern, and American is expanding its modest codeshare with China Southern, but the lack of aggressive growth by US airlines may also cap the growth of Chinese airlines.

Without US airlines pushing the government here to renegotiate its bilateral treaty with China to allow for more flights (if they don’t want to grow they won’t want more flights), it’s unlike that China will be able to secure the right to add flights from its side of the Pacific.

There’s more than enough flights between the US and China today to cover origin and destination traffic. And only Delta, through its China Eastern stake, is really poised to benefit from connections beyond China (United has a partnership with Air China through Star Alliance and American a very small piece of China Southern though doesn’t even fly to its biggest hub).

However Chinese airlines are looking to supplement carrying Chinese passengers between China and US with connecting traffic from elsewhere in Asia. And that’s something US airlines are likely to largely lobby against.

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  1. @ Gary — The US airlines are smart. I’ve been to China, and I have little desire to return. I’d gladly go to Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Korea, etc. any day of the week, but China not so much.

  2. Air China is not exclusively flying to Beijing from the US. They have LAX to Shenzhen and San Jose to Shanghai (though that one will end in a week).

  3. Because government subside. Chinese airlines has more competitive than US airlines. Chinese companies are good at price war, like Huawei and ZTE, due to cheap labor and government support, they likely get more tax deduct or tariffs reimburse if they earn more foreign currency back to China.
    Toady, the return ticket between China and US lower at 400$, US airlines can not make profit with that.

    Another reason is Chinese visitors and immigrants from China is more more than the people from US (Non-Chinese Americans), they are prefer Chinese airlines more than US airlines.

  4. Also The slot system of China is very secretive. So why would the US carriers expand the bilateral with China when they might not even be able to get slots while Chinese carriers seem to have no problem getting them. And the Chinese carriers can lose millions of dollars and the communist party pays the bills since they own the big three carriers of China.

  5. I regularly fly between San Francisco and Wuhan, China for business. I used to have problems flying UA to Beijing or Shanghai and missing my connection. Then China Southern added a direct flight between San Francisco and Wuhan. I’ve only met a handful of Americans who have even heard of Wuhan, although it’s larger than the Bay Area.

    I gather that this flight is subsidized by the regional government. Lots of Chinese Americans on the flight as well as people taking advantage of the cheaper fares e.g. Americans going on to Thailand and Indians going on to India. I’d prefer to fly UA but the fare + connection are an impediment. Some of my peers fly UA anyway.

  6. I would not fly China based airlines nor do I have interest in flying to the Mainland. The level of pollution is unsafe and as Gene points out there are far nicer places to visit in Asia.

  7. +1 to Gene
    I love Asia, but I loathe traveling to Mainland China. That being said, I don’t think my opinion of China drives flight decisions on US airlines.

    I also agree that while China is not a destination I like, their airlines do generally provide good service.

  8. I assume the reason US airlines may be losing interest in China is that competition from a growing number of Chinese carriers limits profit margins. That’s what competition does. Competition benefits consumers not companies. The government-sanctioned oligopoly at home has worked out so well for the Big 3 US airlines, apparently they now believe excess profit is normal.

  9. @John, yep that’s why Warren Buffett says airlines are the quickest way to become a millionaire. Just start with a billion dollar investment. Must be all that excess profit over the years.

  10. If you hate traveling to China, you just haven’t been to the right places. And I am not Chinese, just spent 3 weeks in China and loved it. Plan to be back to explore northern China and Mongolian autonomous region.

    Here are a few suggestions with little pollution:

    Plenty of national parks in Sichuan province e.g. Jiuzhai Valley National Park (google it and be spellbound)
    Dazhai (amazing rice terraces that will blow your mind)
    Xingping (on Li river)
    Shangrila and the entire area around Kunming
    Yellow Mountain area

  11. @weever: I’ve usually found Air China more expensive than Delta, at least in biz. Definitely can see that the local population has a preference for Air China, but there are very good reasons why. First of all, there’s price (as you mentioned) and service, but routing is a big plus. Unlike Delta, you can get to LA or NYC nonstop. Beijing to LA in 12 hours vs 15 hours (and a plane change) in Delta is significant. 12 hours to NYC vs 18+ (and plane change) is even more significant.

    @bsp: I agree with you. The only disadvantage I find with Air China is that their FFP really sucks.

  12. @J.C.
    So what is good to do is fly other carriers, credit miles to US airlines, then redeem on other carriers again.

  13. I think that people are still traveling to China. It’s just that the prices of the Chinese carriers make it hard for US carriers to compete. How can you make a profit when you’re charging $1,000 for a ticket that can be found for $500 with a Chinese carrier?

  14. @bsp: Unfortunately I only collect Delta miles and Air China isn’t compatible. 🙁

    The Chinese airlines that are compatible suck sewer water.

  15. Leaving Tsarina @JC aside, the Chinese do game the system to favour their companies. Adding in to that, a lot of Chinese would rather fly one of their own nations carriers rather than a foreign owned one.
    Combine the above with the fact that the US3 have a sub par product especially in economy, it explains why the US3 aren’t interested anymore

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  22. US and China combined have 1.7 billion people. The US accounts for 19% of this. Why do the US airlines have almost double their natural share?

    Also, you stated that the market went from 250,000 passengers to 3 million, about 8x, but the number of flights quintupled. How is that possible without A380s?

  23. “Over the past 14 years China-originating traffic has grown from 250,000 a year to 3 million a year.”

    12X growth in 14 years is startling! More important I have read somewhere that air traffic in China is about to surpass the US. That’s one of the indications of size of an economy and means China is about to surpass the US as the world’s largest economy.

    I recently noticed a Chinese line now has a 5th Freedom flight Zurich to Prague. They are building their capacity up for foreign operations too.

  24. @tassojunior: Barring economic barriers, air traffic in China should continue to grow. With a population approaching 6 times that of the US and more each year reaching higher economic levels, it’s difficult to see how air traffic could possibly fail to surpass the US.

    With dirt-cheap airfares, traditional / cultural stimulants for travel, cheap and interesting nearby international travel destinations and a public curious to explore the world, I’d be surprised if China won’t soon be a global travel and tourism powerhouse far surpassing any other.

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