US Airlines Ordered Electric Planes. Congresswoman Calls Them ‘Slave Ships,’ Slams ‘Nasty’ Crew

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  1. Isn’t it sad that MTG knows nothing about aviation technology of the future nor the risks to the environment (and the long term economy) if we don’t start looking at alternative forms of energy.
    The only thing she has done is try and create attention to herself with 3rd grade level attacks on people more often than not, smarter the she. Simply put she is trying to make a career out of being a hater and has accomplished nothing that benefits anybody.

  2. No props to MTG, but why is AirCanada buying this thing? As some Canadian relatives pointed out, it’s electric range gets it 2/3rds of the way from Calgary to Edmonton. It can’t even make it from Vancouver to Seattle on electric power alone. Toronto to Montreal outstrips the entire range of the aircraft. I suppose there’s that hot Toronto-Cleveland market with the reserve engines engaged. Not to mention, what’s the turnaround time on this thing? How fast can you recharge it, even with high speed rechargers?

    @JohnW – It’s probably easier to build fusion reactors and then suck the CO2 out of the air from conventional aircraft than it is to build economically viable long-range commercial electric aircraft with the performance of today’s jets.

    I am almost willing to bet big money there are enough loopholes in any contracts that very few of these ever get bought by the big airlines. It’s all for show, or maybe a trans-NYC or SoCal service for the elites. BUR-LAX-SNA-SBA-PSP circuit is almost a perfect fit.

  3. So companies aren’t paying for business class because there’s so much demand that prices are up? Sounds a lot like Yogi Berra’s famous line about the restaurant that nobody went to anymore because it was so crowded.

  4. My travel is essentially TATL. My last RT I did PE E/B and J W/B. Took a couple of those horseshoe type pillows with me. One for my neck and one for my ass. Wasn’t a great experience but saved a pant load of money.

  5. I’ve stayed at an AirBnB that asked me to run the dishwasher when I left, strip the sheets in the beds we used and leave them in a pile, and take out the garbage.

    I found these reasonable requests. We were 3 people staying in a very large 5 bedroom house, that had roughly 8 beds. Stripping the sheets just let them know which 3 beds we used. Run the dishwasher? Sure. We were there for a bit, and ran it for our own use a lot. No need to leave a sink full of dishes. Take out the trash? Again, I didn’t have an issue.

    In most cases, these are peoples homes and if they aren’t charging ludicrous cleaning fee’s, I have no issue with basics. Now, if they had asked me to mow the lawn, or do the laundry – I’d have just ignored the requests completely. I do think there is a line between what’s acceptable and unacceptable.

  6. Mangar, you’ve pointed out the exact problem, although you don’t realize it. We all draw the line in a different place and what’s reasonable to me may be unreasonable to you. Airbnb is not offering up “peoples homes.” This is the biggest crock of shit and it has lead to the crumbling of neighborhood character in cities all over the world. Strangers do not pay money to stay in peoples homes. Once that type of transaction occurs, the home ceases to become a mere residence and becomes a place of business.

    If I’m staying in your home because you were so generous to offer me your space, I will bend over backwards to leave your place in better shape than I found it.

    If I’m staying in your home because I’m paying you, and because you have decided that making a quick buck of something like this is worth antagonizing your neighbors, exacerbating the housing crisis, and indulging your inner ruthless capitalist, then you shove it.

  7. Since we all know that biz travel has not recovered, and most of the travel is from leisure travelers who fly economy and can’t afford business, WHY would biz class be so expensive????? This makes no sense. it should be the opposite. Economy is full while biz has open seats. Any explanation?

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