US Airways 50% Bonus on Transferred Miles in June

Just as May’s 100% bonus on purchased miles ends, US Airways has a new deal for June: a 50% bonus on shared (transferred) miles.

The offer is just like the one US Airways had back in April but with a slight kicker: in addition to the bonus miles, they’re also waiving the $30 per-transaction fee.

Limited time offer: Give a 50% bonus and skip the processing fee when you Share Miles!
Now through June 30, 2013, when you share miles, you won’t pay the processing fee. Plus, you’ll give 50% more – up to 25,000 bonus miles.

Transferring miles costs a penny per mile. And they give you a 50% bonus. Which means if all you’re looking at is the cost to generate new miles, the price is 2.15 cents per mile (since there’s a 7.5% tax added on). For instance,

  • Transferring 1000 miles generates 500 bonus miles at a cost of $10.75
  • Transferring 50,000 miles generates 25,000 bonus miles at a cost of $537.50

All in all that’s more expensive a deal than when US Airways offers a 100% bonus on purchased miles (which comes to just under 1.9 cents per mile) and you have to also move miles from one account to another to take advantage. But that can also be a blessing to help clean out small balances in various accounts.

It’s especially nice that they waive the $30 per transaction fee, which makes cleaning out smaller balances more worthwhile. Although no matter how many transactions you do, the total bonus miles awarded under the promotion can’t exceed 25,000.

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  1. Good analysis Gary, I did a quick search on and 1,000 US Airways miles will get you:
    283 Aeroplan
    208 Alaska
    219 American
    333 Amtrak
    197 Delta
    395 Hawaiian
    219 United
    179 Virgin America
    You would have to compare the $10.75 cost against the above choices.

  2. I still buy the 100% miles like in May as I know I can get an F class or C class worth 5k-10k for 2k.
    That 100% works for me. This 50%…not sure.

  3. they had a 100% transfer offer. that was the best. 2.15 is a bit high, but when it was lower….

  4. I’ll probably just transfer the 14k miles left in my dad’s account to top my account at 100k. Could come in handy. Not bad for $140.

  5. I was hoping for the 100% transfer but I may use this to make a needed move from kids accounts.

  6. I considered to xfer 5K orphaned in
    Mom’s account over to mine……
    but decided to wait/hope the 5K
    will eventually join up with her 50K AA.. 🙂

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