US Airways Card Should Be Around for One More Month

US Airways announced that their miles would be combined into the American AAdvantage program next month.

We’ve long known that the US Airways co-brand credit card would stop taking applications when the US AIrways and American programs combine.

I’ve seen speculation on several sites recently that this week would be the last chance to apply for the US Airways credit card. I was surprised by that, since I hadn’t heard it myself and since I’d expect Barclays to want to acquire new cardmembers up until the last moment.

@MattEnder received a solicitation for the card with a deadline of April 12.

That’s consistent with our previous understanding of Barclays taking applications until the merger of programs actually happens (or more likely up until when US Airways partially freezes its data for the migration, perhaps no longer opening new Dividend Miles accounts). And it’s consistent with the narrative about when the programs will merge as well.

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  1. For those of us who just got the card and the companion certificates, any idea what happens to the certificates?

  2. @Michael remember US AIrways flights will still be available at least until late in the year. And the Barclays-issued cards will still have companion certs (well, the Silver version based on spend) so there will be a mechanism in place to use companion certs on American flights

  3. Hi Gary, what will happen to those bonus miles crediting to USDM for the applications approved on or by April 12th? I presume Barclays has some rule that the bonus miles must be deposited within a certain time period. If this is within one month of application approval, those applications approved on the 12th of April miles can be deposited by May 12th, which is beyond the program merger. I presume there may be a way to identify old USDM numbers/accounts within the merged AA account to cope with this types of problems? No? (since this is still the case with UA/CO merger – I can still use my old UA FF # to login though the surviving membership number is CO’s).

  4. I’m curious about what happens if you earn points from a new US Airways card (say, posting on April 15), but US Airways/AA have already merged your points from the two accounts (say, April 1)?

    Will they re-post twice? Will it automatically post to AA?

  5. I got my second US Airways card in December. Since it seems unlikely that I can get a third personal card over such a short period of time, is there a business version?

  6. The current 50% bonus promo for DM runs through june 30. Is it likely the programs before then? Would barclays be awarding AA milesbto fulfill a DM branded promotion?

  7. Just saw the earlier post. Guess my question has been answered. 50% barclays promo will be paid in AA miles

  8. Anyone not get miles credited? I will wait for second statement to close before calling, but wondering people’s experiences with timing of bonus points hitting after first charge and paying annual fee.

  9. Per Barclay customer service, they will post the 50K bonus miles after their $89 annual fee is actually paid (not just billed).

  10. I just applied for and received this card with a Transunion FICO score of 625. That is a lot lower than I thought it would take to get the card. I only got a $1000 credit line, but it seems that Barclays is approving people like me, who have lower scores than would have been approved in the past.

  11. Right. It’s been paid. Cleared. Balance zeroed out. Just wondering AFTER that’s been paid the timing / experience of people getting points posted.

  12. @Levi: My 50K bonus posted to my Dividend Miles account within 48 hours of my already-paid account closing out for the first month.

  13. @Levi The bonus miles only post when a statement closes so you should get them with your second statement. The people who get them with their first statement prepay after the annual fee posts but before the first statement actually closes.

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