US Airways Credit Card in the Process of Disappearing…

Via Doctor of Credit, the US Airways MasterCard has disappeared from the Barclays website.

As many readers know, with the merger of US Airways and American,

  • Citibank becomes the exclusive issuer of new American AAdvantage cards
  • Barclaycard will still be able to service existing cardmembers
  • Last week American announced that the programs would be combined within 30 days
  • That leaves a very short window to still get the US Airways card and its concomitant 50,000 mile signup bonus.

The card still appears on the US Airways website and there’s still a link for the card that works.

Barclays has sent out some emails indicating that it will be available until April 12, and others that it will be available until April 17.

Little by little though the window is closing on both this card and the Dividend Miles program as a whole. You can no longer join the Dividend Miles program.

You have until tomorrow if you want to link your American and US Airways accounts to ensure smooth combination of your miles. And only a short window to still book awards through US Airways as they’ll stop issuing awards a few days before the programs combine.

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  1. Gary, for those of us who applied for the card (through your link!), do you know what happens to the cards benefits such as companion fare certificates, for example? Do we get to use them only on US Metal?

  2. @Michael first, for lots of folks reading, I haven’t had a link offering any credit to me for some months. I’ve just been writing about the card since i think it’s been worth getting. I believe the companion certificates for now are US-metal only. The Aviator Silver card will continue to offer a companion ticket benefit going forward (but you have to spend each year to get it) and that will be valid on AA flights.

  3. I want to apply for this card for my wife, but she doesn’t have a US Airways account. She does have an AA account. By the time she reaches the spend requirement, all US Airways miles will have converted to AA miles. But this credit card application doesn’t ask for her AA number. Do you think Barclays will open a new AAA account for her?

  4. Data point – I just got approved – I have 2 already with last one applied for around in early October

  5. @Dave don’t sweat it. Pull the trigger. It’s first purchase not a spend requirement. They will probably open an AA account. Either way you can just call Barclays, ask for the account # miles are going into, and get AA to link / transfer points as needed.

  6. Gary-Thanks for following this story. Used the above US Airways link for instant approval for both the wife and I. We canceled our last cards in 2013. Credit lines already set up in our previously established barlcaycard

  7. Gary – I am keen on getting these 50,000 miles before the offer goes away. On a recent USAir flight, the flight attendants handed out a paper copy of the application. However, my USAir account is not valid anymore due to inactivity as I have been crediting all my USAir flights to United or American for the past several years. Since I cannot create a new Dividend Miles Account, can I still apply for this card and if so, how will crediting the miles work.


  8. @Ash your account is probably still valid, just without expired miles, log in and check. If not they will create a new account for you when you open the card.

  9. Hi,

    I’m curious it says first purchase, but is there a spending requirement and if so how much?

    Also I don’t have a US Airways account. Would that mean that the 50K miles would go to my AA account?


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