US Airways Holiday “Big Bonus” – Up to 250% Bonus on Shopping Purchases

Through December 30, US Airways is offering their “Big Bonus” promotion.

Participating stores are listed on the promotion website. Each purchase you make earns you a progressively larger bonus on all of your purchases.

Stores shopped at:

Bonus earned:

1 50%
2 100%
3 150%
4 200%
5 250%

If you make 5 purchases from eligible merchants by December 30, then all of your purchases earn a 250% bonus.  The bonus will apply to a maximum of your first 10 purchases (based on posting date of those purchases).  No registration required.

If you’re already going to make several purchases, which will qualify you for the maximum bonus, great.  If not, just make a handful of small purchases to get up to the 250% bonus level.  For instance, if you don’t already have one create a ThanksAgain account via US Airways and purchase a gift certificate for $2 using coupon code THANKS, donate $2 to GAIAM through the US Airways Shopping Mall, spend $4.27 for an 18″ headphone extension cable from Bose, and buy a $10 gift card from Barnes and Noble.  (Thanks to Flyertalk member vysean for the suggestions.)

With those four under your belt, those and your next six purchases will all receive a 250% bonus.`

Vinesse Wine Club should earn 7,500 points, a new Sharebuilder account should earn 10,500, and TrackItBack will earn 140 miles per dollar.  Even FTD flower orders will earn 70 miles per dollar.

Clearly the best holiday bonus out there, even if they’re planning some silly changes to their award chart.

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  1. I think its quite strange that US Air rolls out this “Partner-type” Promo just 8 days after the US Airways Grand Slam Promotion officially closed on Nov. 15th.

    I’m actually quite excited, as it gives me a change to redeem myself & earn some cheap miles for the 5 other US Airways Accounts I manage for immediate family… I had grand thoughts heading into the Grand Slam Promo & then before I knew it, it was Nov. 15th, doh!

    Who’s got some other cheap purchases that yield lots of Miles?

  2. @Andyandy, I sent a note to that Flyertalk member:

    I was surprised he took offense to what I posted about the US Airways promo. I thought I was taking great care, actually, to avoid posting his contribution to the public Flyertalk thread, as he had requested.

    Of course I’m going to post about the 250% bonus holiday offer from US Airways, it’s the best shopping promo out there. And I mentioned the TrackItBack offer, it’s squarely on the bonus offer page.

    But I purposely kept off the blog some obvious things because he posted them first and asked that they not be repeated.

    The three separate key elements of his post on that thread were left out of my post here. I didn’t (a) draw the connection at all to how to get very large numbers of miles or (b) spell out the value proposition of doing so.

    I avoided it precisely to honor his request…

    Meanwhile, the US Airways forum on Flyertalk gets much more traffic than my humble blog

    So I really do think my conscience is very clear here. 🙂

  3. Also how can I open Thanksagain account. When I search for it on mall webpage it tells me nothing found 🙁

  4. Is it necessary to buy stock on Sharebuilder? Or can one just leave transferred money (minimum?) in BDMXX MONEY MARKET CASH?

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