US Airways Lounge Membership Sale

Via Ben US Airways is offering a short-term sale on club memberships through November 18.

Through November 18, US Airways is offering a discount on membership in their US Airways Club. Those that use promotion code CLB30 will get the $50 initiation fee waived, plus bring down the cost of an annual membership to only $325. Furthermore, if you use that promotion code you’ll earn 3,000 elite qualifying miles.

The annual membership fee is usually $450 ($375 for Silver/Gold/Platinum members and $325 for Chairmans Preferred members), so this is a substantial discount. Keep in mind that US Airways participates in Priority Pass and American Express Platinum, though the key benefit here is that this will get you into the United Club as well.

United charges anywhere from $375 to $475 for a United Club membership, so this is a way of getting a minimum of a $50 discount.

I get into US Airways lounges now both via my American Express Platinum card and also via British Midland gold status, Star Alliance Gold gets me into Star lounges with same-day boarding pass even in the United States. Only United, US Airways, and Continental Star Golds are not permitted to use United, US Airways, and Continental lounges on purely domestic itineraries (note that United, US Airways, and Continental Star Golds may use other airline lounges such as Lufthansa’s at Dulles and in Detroit when flying same-day domestic Star Alliance itineraries).

This is somewhat tempting for me, though, since I expect to lose access to United lounges on domestic itineraries when bmi is acquired by British Airways. But that shouldn’t happen until at least late spring, I’d just have duplicative lounge access for about 6 months, and thus this would only extend my access for 6 months and isn’t worthwhile.

I’ll be looking at future discounted options for myself. Others considering paid access may find this sale worthwhile, it’s a savings even for United 1Ks and allows everyone to buy US Airways club membership at the price charged to their own Chairmans Preferred members (100,000-mile flyers) and with the initiation fee waived.

Enroll here and be sure to use promo code CLB30.

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  1. I did this last year when it went on sale. It was OK. Two caveats:

    1. Wi-Fi
    When entering a United Club lounge with a United Club card, you are generally offered a Wi-Fi card. When entering with a US Airways Club, you must request a Wi-Fi card, it’s not supposed to be initially offered.

    2. Speed
    On average, when at the front of the line, it takes me about one minute to get into a United Club using the US Airways club card. Lemmie see your boarding pass, let me lookup this card in the book, your card doesn’t work in our system, entering the numbers manually, etc. etc. Not a big deal, but with a United Club card, it only takes a few seconds to get in.

  2. I bought a US lounge membership last year for $249, which was a sale that was run DURING the Grand Slam promotion. Add me to the list of folks who didn’t think it was worth the money. I got my renewal notice – first for full fare, then for a discounted rate, etc. I thought they would eventually make it all the way back down to $249, at which point I would have a dilemma. They never did. I don’t.

    I figure I got about 25 stops in for $249, so I would call it $10/per. The best value that I saw was during IRROPS having an agent equipped to help me on the spot. It happened once, so I don’t know how much I would value that particular interaction.

    I didn’t see value at $249, so I guess I’ll pass on the $325.

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