US Airways Mileage Redemption Rebates for Credit Card Holders

US Airways sent out emails to credit card holders today with an offer of a rebate on miles redeemed for award travel through November 30th.

These are targeted offers, with the rebate percentage varying by cardholder. The rebate is on all of the miles redeemed during the promotion period, and not just a single redemption, but is capped at 30,000 miles credited back.

Award travel must cost a minimum of 20,000 total miles with travel complete by March 31, with the rebate to be credited 3 to 4 weeks after travel is complete. Upgrade redemptions qualify.

I received an offer for 10% back.

Necessary Indulgences sent along a copy of a 50% rebate offer.

Meanwhile reader Yong G. sends me a 25% version of the offer.

There’s no registration involved, so if you received this offer you don’t even need to know it, you’ll eventually get points credited back for any award travel you book.

But if you’re a US Airways credit card holder, have a search of your email. It was sent under the subject, “Get More for your Miles: Limited- time Offer”

The rebate is valid for redemptions on partner airlines, not just on US Airways flights making this a really really good deal.

Rebates on miles redeemed is a regular feature of American’s Citibank co-brand credit cards, with an annual cap of 10,000 miles back (and a 10% rebate rate). This is a much more generous offer, since some folks get a bigger rebate and at a minimum the cap is 30,000 back rather than 10,000.

As a result Yyu’re best off finding a way to redeem 60,000 or more miles to maximize this.

Together with the opportunity to buy miles at ~1.1 cents apiece through the current 100% share bonus, and if sticking with US Airways metal co-brand credit card holders get a 5000 mile discount on award travel, there are some really lucrative and stackable opportunities currently.

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  1. Gary, I was targeted for the 50% offer. Last week, I booked 3 30k tickets to Europe for the family in February. Do you think it’s worth it to cancel two and rebook to get the rebate? From what I can tell it would cost a $300 redeposit fee but I can’t tell from the rules whether or not the redeposit would be instantaneous. Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  2. Just a month ago, I cancelled my and my wife’s US Airways cards because our free years were up. I’m going to apply for new ones, but I’ve been waiting a little while because I got turned down for the Arrivals card for “too many credit card applications.”

    And just yesterday I bought some miles in the new promo to use for an Asian award ticket.

    So I’d love this promo. I guess you can’t win ’em all.

  3. No offer for me either. No 3XPQM – no discount.

    I must fly US too much.

    I think I am going to start flying Southwest.

  4. 50% here, thanks Barclays! I’ve never used any of my dividend miles, only flown usair metal twice ever.. will definitely be maxxing this promo out. Awesome.

  5. I think I opted out of all email correspondence- anyone figure out any other way of checking to see if you got the offer and what is your % off?

    Other than redeeming miles for a ticket and seeing if you get any miles back, that is.

  6. Have 2 open accounts at moment. Got no email to first one that I’ve had open forever, got 50% email to 2nd one. Not sure I can use it for anything though.

  7. Just asked Mommy Points the same question, but curious as to your take.

    My wife and I each have 2 US Airways accounts and 2 Barclays credit cards. I got a 50% offer, she got a 25% offer. I emailed them on both of the cards which I got no offer, just to ask if we qualified (in case it was deleted by mistake). My question is, if I’m trying to book a United flight with US Airways miles for 3 people, what is my best way to go about this. I see the maximum is 30,000 miles back. Does that mean I should maybe book 2 tickets with the 50% account, and 1 with the 25% account? Also, do you know the total fees charged by US Airways (I’ve never booked an award ticket with them before). US Airways seems to have very limited availability from NYC at the lowest level for the couple places I’ve looked, so I think I’m stuck booking a United flight. I know a US Airways flight would be better since it’d only be 10K each instead of 12.5K, but doesn’t seem like I have any options. We’re not very flexible for the days we need.

  8. You haven’t told me the award you’e trying to redeem. But let’s assume it’s domestic coach.

    If you do all 3 from the 50% account, you spend 25k (lets assume not US Airways flights) each for a total of 75k, get 30k back, net cost 45k.

    If you do 2 from the 50% account you spend 50k from that account and get 25k back, net cost 25k. Then 25k from the other account, get 6250 back, net cost 18750. Total net is thus 43,750.

    So indeed you would be better of in this case (by 1250 miles) booking 2 from the 50% account and 1 from the 25% account.

    Note that US Airways waives call center fees when booking partner awards.

    Award redemption fees are here:

  9. Well this is fortunate. I just found this in my inbox, and as it happens I just booked an award yesterday. So I guess I got two business class tickets to Tokyo for 75K each! Not bad.

  10. I was targeted for 50%, and booked 2 United tickets today for 25,000 each, so I should get back 25,000 after our flights in February. My question is, the offer is tied to my Barclays card, which is up for renewal in a month. What happens if I cancel my card? Do I have to keep the card and pay the annual fee, or should I be ok even if I cancel. Thanks!

  11. Just tried booking a united flight for March and was told that the united code share was ending February 28th and US Airways would become a oneworld partner at that time. real bummer because united had much better routing and availability. hopefully the merger gets delayed further and i can book united with my us air miles and take advantage of 50% back from us air MC.

  12. @Jon no one knows if a merger will go through and if us airways will leave star, what the agent said was simply mistaken in that regard

  13. Just realized this promo was ending today, just pulled the trigger. The T&C says it “expires Nov 30” and the graphic shows “when you redeem before Nov 30”. Do you forsee any problems for awards booked today, November 30th?

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