US Customs Video of Santa Claus Submitting to an Enhanced Background Check

I. Can’t. Even. I have literally lost my ability to even.

In the 1950s, NORAD started “tracking Santa” to ensure that he could pass safely into the US without fear of being mistaken for a Soviet bomber. But here in 2016, it seems like getting approval from the military isn’t enough to prove that Father Christmas isn’t a terrorist. Santa has to go through Customs now.

And if he wants to make it in time, visiting all of the good little girls and boys in just a single night, he’d better not get caught up in long lines at the border. So Santa is forced to submit to an extensive background check and an interview… extreme vetting.. in order to qualify for Global Entry.

The shocking thing about the video, and the way you know it isn’t real (no, not because it features Santa Claus) is that he was actually able to get an interview appointment without waiting six months.

(HT: Paul H.)

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  1. I love CBP…efficient in screening out terrorists to the best of their abilities and they have a sense of humor!

  2. Hah! Amazing video! And I totally agree with your last paragraph. They should have had a “SIX MONTHS LATER” text transition between the laptop scene and the walking into the office scene.

  3. I signed up for global entry in mid December and i have an interview scheduled for Jan 3. There were more than 10 appointments available at DTW for that week when I signed up for mine.

  4. There are plenty of locations where you can get an interview within a months timeframe. MSY has a bunch for january still open.

  5. Yes funny video, our tax dollars at work.

    Just this week I was told that although I have global entry, that all it does is puts me at the top of the detainee list.

    So it’s an upgrade once I get put into the detention room, this sounds fair!

  6. We had a 5 month lag between making the appt and the date given, but we went down on a Wed morning a couple of weeks after making the appt and they fit us in when they had time. Thanks for the tip, Gary.

  7. My 15 month old baby finally has an interview this week after waiting 6 months. Can’t wait to hear what they ask him and how “no” as a response to everything will go over.

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