Joe Biden To Reverse Trump Decision To Lift Ban On Travelers From Europe, UK and Brazil

Update: The Biden administration plans to reverse the Trump administration decision to lift these bans, before the change goes into effect.

So while President Trump may have signed an order that would lift the travel ban on Europeans and Brazilians from entering the U.S., that order doesn’t go into effect until January 26 – six days after Joe Biden assumes office. The intention appears to be to reverse the lifting of the travel ban before it happens.

The U.S. has lifted the ban on travel for non-residents who have been in the U.K., Schengen Europe, or Brazil within the prior two weeks, effective January 26. That’s the date when nearly everyone coming to the U.S. by air will first have to have a negative test.

U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday rescinded entry bans imposed because of the coronavirus on most non-U.S. citizens arriving from Brazil and much of Europe effective Jan. 26, two officials briefed on the matter told Reuters.

Europe still blocks most U.S. citizens from travel, even with a negative Covid-19 test.

The U.S. is not lifting travel bans on non-citizens who have been to China or Iran in the prior two weeks, even though China has had the pandemic largely under control (and certainly compared to the U.S.) for about 10 months. That’s an indication more of the current President’s hostile relations with those two countries rather than the necessity for the measure on the basis of public health.

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  1. Excellent. The virus is already here and spreading through domestic transmission, and preventing these people from traveling to the United States makes only the most marginal difference and isn’t worth the massive expense to our liberty and practical needs to travel. Long past time to open up the world again and resume life. If you’re afraid of foreigners, feel free to stay sequestered inside until you get the vaccine . . . its right around the corner so sit tight while the rest of us live.

  2. Oh really… “China has had the pandemic largely under control”.Is this a statement from the regime in China where all of the problems were created? That you even printed this makes me wonder where you get your “news.”. Like we are supposed to believe anything said from the evil and dangerous Chinese regime.

  3. Biden should add Canada to the travel ban except for documented life or death cases, which are none. Canada does that to the US, calling essential travel as non-essential and non-essential travel (truckers and air crew) as essential.

  4. Since, mutations are constantly occurring, this just another example of his highness’ poor decisions. The borders will close again by the end of the week. Why would we allow people in from countries that are not allowing Americans in?

    The cue should be taken from countries that have been far more successful at combating Covid-19. Australia, Cambodia, Iceland, Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and all the island nations in the S. Pacific and the Caribbean. Close your borders and control the virus, then start to bring your society back to normal. But letting everything be willy-nilly has proven to be a failure. The US and UK are perfect examples of what not to do!

  5. The WHO does not recommend any travel bans and discourages the use of geographical names, such as Wuhan Flu or UK variant.

    Support the WHO???

    At first, Biden supported the WHO view but now appears to back travel bans. Early on, Trump went against the WHO, slapping bans and calling it Kung Flu, which sounds terrible.

  6. I suppose you even believe the statistics China has put out. You continue to impress me with your ignorance.
    Having spent much time in China over the past 7 years in leisure travel as well as doing contract work, I know the government suppresses information that makes them look bad. The people there readily admit it.
    As much as Trump might like to do the same here, it’s just not possible with a press that wants to promote the response here as a failure. Whether it is or not is irrelevant to the coverage.
    Testing and accurate reporting in the US vs China is not comparable.
    And if you believe China did such a great job, why is it all over the world today?
    As usual, you are so biased from CNN and network coverage.

  7. What’s most troubling is Biden’s Press Secretary tweeting that the pandemic is “worsening,” when anyone can check actual data and see that it’s not. Hospitalizations are falling just about everywhere now, especially in the USA and Europe. Do we really want the next Administration to lie to us about Covid or, charitably, be entirely misinformed? I thought they’re supposed to like science. Looks like they prefer fear-mongering to me.

  8. What worries me is that they plan to “strengthen public health measures” around international travel. I hope that this is just referring to the required tests for international air travel into the US. However; I find this really concerning.

    I agree that the WHO continues to be against travel bans, as has been the position of public health experts for decades. This type of decision does not seem to be “following the science,” but rather seems to be political–almost intentionally going against Trump’s decision.

  9. Meanwhile…tens of thousands of gimmegrints in hundreds of NGO-funded caravans making their way to the southern border.

    People of Europe and Brazil, take note. Fast lane to entry.

  10. So much stupid and racism, as per usual, on here…..

    A single question for the imbeciles (I’m looking at you chris@oak, chopsticks, jeff)…. Why do you think the USA leads the way in deaths?

  11. CJ. I have been working in China and can assure you the virus is mostly under control from people wearing masks, contact tracing and massive testing…. and basic common sense. Stay safe.

  12. Before anyone gets too caught up on the “science” of everything, it helps to consider what science actually is. It’s the practice of having an idea, then conducting thousands of experiments trying to prove that idea correct, constantly modifying the idea as you go when your experiments constantly prove you inaccurate. Then, once you finally think you’ve got it all figured out, you open it up so the rest of the world can spend entire careers conducting millions upon millions of experiments trying to disprove you, and usually succeeding. In the process of all of this, somewhere along the line someone will accidentally spill something and discover penicillin, and that will be the most constructive scientific breakthrough that will result throughout the entire process.

    If you want further proof of how slow the gears churn on this, consider that Kepler and Newton have laws. Einstein, who centuries later came along and aimed to disprove, or at the very least clarify those laws, still has only theories… theories which we have long since “proven” to be more accurate than the laws they supplement, and yet the method is slow.

    From the moment Covid-19 was known to be a thing, there has been a constant back and forth about pretty much every aspect of the disease. At first, it was reported that human to human transmission wasn’t possible. Then masks were discouraged. Then masked were encouraged. We’re all over the place about it, and that’s from the smart “scientsts” and doctors who know what the hell they’re doing. Or at least we like to think they do. Sometimes, it’s really not that simple.

  13. New variants are appearing….. international leisure travel is not necessary now…. No one is taking away your “liberties”. Gimmegrants? Really? Ignorance everywhere… America is doomed.

  14. @NFO “Leisure travel is not necessary now.”

    Is going to Church “necessary?” Is going to school necessary? Are sports or any leisure activity really “necessary” such that we should just give it up for a virus that has a case fatality rate of well under 1%?

    Instead we should be asking how “necessary” it is to separate families and prevent people from traveling even with a negative covid test in order to stop a tiny few marginal cases from entering the country when the disease is already spreading domestically.

  15. @Mak
    This less than 1% number you’re spewing is 400k dead. I suppose you’re an expert in the virus and you’re so much more knowledgeable than experts around the world. I’m glad people lacking in viral expertise are not in charge. Give me a break , keep your incompetent rhetoric to yourself

  16. NFO:
    It is 1%.
    40,000 people die in car accidents every year, another 70,000 by overdosing. 600,000 fron cancer. Some even die by asphyxiation during sex. People die everyday in this country from a variety or reasons.

  17. “A single question for the imbeciles (I’m looking at you chris@oak, chopsticks, jeff)…. Why do you think the USA leads the way in deaths?”

    A couple of things are at play, here. First, we have a large population in the USA, so bulk mortality numbers will be higher by virtue of that. Second, we are often counting people as Covid fatalities when they, in fact, have Covid but die from other causes. It became a bit of a scandal in New York where typing Covid on a death certificate got the hospital more emergency funding since it made them look more impacted. Heck, one guy who was hit by a car was logged as a Covid death, as was one man who was shot twice. The bottom line is that the numbers have never been totally reliable.

    In terms of per capita deaths per million, the USA is actually in tenth place ( Of course, saying that the USA is, “leading the way in deaths,” sounds so nicely convenient, but the truth is far, far more prosaic. Many countries have suffered far more deaths per million from Covid that the USA. We’re at around 51.63 deaths per million, but Panama is at 63.58, and the UK is at 99.84, Brazil, whom Biden is now re-banning is at a low mark of 26.19, so travelers from Brazil would seem to be in a very low risk group.

    So, the USA is most assuredly NOT leading the way in Covid deaths and the numbers bear that out. Also, calling people, “imbeciles,” Panda Mick, is hardly the way to make your case, All you wound up doing was making yourself look horribly childish by engaging in an ad hominem attack. You devalued yourself and your opinion in the process.

  18. Those comments from useless yankee leftards make us in Europe hate you even more
    Fortunately your greatest Lol country in the world is doomed

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