The Most Useful Advice from this Blog

Doctor of Credit asked me for my ‘most underrated blog posts’ and I admit I had a hard time figuring out what to share.

Does that mean things I think are great but that didn’t get much notice? (That probably means I was wrong about their being especially good…)

You can generally find many of my best posts using the left hand sidebar of the side, and also archives of my trip reports — flights, hotels, lounges, food, and activities.

Thinking on my favorites, though, I’d suggest my primer on American financial reviews.

There’s also the basics of throwaway ticketing, constructing awards with American AAdvantage miles, and making sure you actually have a ticket when you redeem United miles on partners.

For best advice there’s probably hang up, call back, how to upgrade, and how to make sure your domestic upgrades clear.

I’ve explained fuel surcharges and also fuel dumps or the process of making those charges disappear when buying tickets.

Believe it or not the one post that got the most *views* ever was revealing that President Obama most likely has a Chase Palladium card (since he paid for lunch using a JP Morgan Select card).

I really hate it when people get snookered by that IdeaWorks study on which airlines have the best award availability.

I do love food – and I do love Asian food – so I personally like my introduction to Singapore Hawker Centers. (Although my best meal remains at the now-closed El Bulli.)

Were there any posts that particularly stand out for you as memorable or especially useful, or that you appreciated?

Or things you wish I would have written, so the next time I’m asked about this I can have a better answer?

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  1. […] I also reached out to a bunch of other bloggers that I respect and read daily to ask them for a list of their under appreciated blog posts. Unfortunately most of them either didn’t respond or said they didn’t have time to put together a list. I’ll update this post if this changes. At the moment only View from the Wing responded (in fact he wrote his own post on the subject which you can read here). […]


  1. I have not read your singapore hawker centers before so that post was a good read. I will be heading to Singapore for the first later this year, so it’s very timely… good to know!

  2. wow nice softball from the DOC, as if an excuse was needed to link to a bunch of old posts. BTW, I think its time to do a best of August post where you link to 75 posts.

  3. You have a lot of great posts about points and miles. Unfortunately, a lot of that information gets lost in the long long long trip reports in which I have absolutely no interest. It would be so nice if you could have two email blasts — one for points and miles and one for extensive photo filled trip reports (including all food reviews) which take forever to load on my tablet.

  4. I’ve read just about every post of your for the last year or so. I have to say, your article on HUCA is one of your finest, and the best I’ve read on the subject. It unmistakably paints you as the master of your trade.

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