Verizon LTE Data Plans Actually Only Offering 3G Speeds in Some Major Cities

Video streaming is apparentl overtaxing Verizon’s networks.

If you’re a Verizon customer and you’ve noticed your LTE network isn’t as fast as it used to be, you are not alone – and you are not imagining things. …[U]sers in large cities including New York, San Francisco, and Chicago are starting to see a significant deterioration in throughput.

In many parts of those cities, users are downgraded to 3G service, which is significantly slower, when there is simply no more capacity on Verizon’s LTE network.

…Verizon says it will resolve the problems by the end of 2013

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  1. Well this better then Sprint service in Minneapolis. I can get very little if any data 3G or LTE network. I can be standing on the street in the heart of the city and be unable to check my email or surf the web.

  2. Verizon opened up their newer spectrum in some major cities to speed things up. If you have a newer phone, Droids from 2013, iPhone 5S, then you can access it. I’m getting 70 down in downtown Chicago. Sadly nothing in DC as they sold the spectrum to T-Mobile.

  3. Two Words: Class Action. Sometime in 2018 many of us who are being duped out of LTE will get our settlement check for $12.09.

  4. @LoneTree

    I am curious where in “Chicago” you are getting 70mbps down. I work and live Downtown / Lincoln Park area. Zip codes 60611, 60606, 60657 you are lucky to get 2G data. Streeterville and the area around the Sears/Willis Tower are pretty pathetic. I am only able to clock around 1mbps down on the best day. Lincoln Park is a total joke.

    I have seen speeds approaching 30mbps in the ‘suburbs’ of Chicago but never in the heart of the downtown and north neighborhoods.

  5. I love it when people complain about Verizon’s network as if they are a public entity or charity that is failing to perform. They do a superb job, and if you think they don’t, you’re free to stop paying them and jump to another provider. There’s no basis for a lawsuit, as the terms when you signed up made it very clear that network congestion could cause exactly this, or even worse. Be accountable for your own actions before expecting others to be.

  6. @Victor

    Union Station. Using a Droid Maxx which just had an update to enable Band 4 LTE. You specifically need a newer phone to access these speeds.

  7. If you are in a major city there really is no reason to not be on T-Mobile. Cheap unlimited plans, super fast LTE data and now free global data roaming in 100 countries as well as text messages! Since we are all travelers on this board you really should look into getting T-Mobile service.

  8. Tragedy of the commons scenario… some users are blithely using 100x the bandwidth for 1/10 of the utility. And they’ll continue to do so until better QOS is implemented.

  9. I’ve noticed ALL of my internet connections getting much slower in the last month or so — home #1, home #2, work, and cell. It is definitely Google Chrome’s fault — we have two and they are the best thing since uber!

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