Video Of Passenger Getting Kicked Off A Plane After Coughing

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  1. Seems to be overreaction…just like the lockdown/shutdown is overraction in my opinion. People who are well sometimes cough. It is not uncommon for me to cough because a dry cough is one of the side effects of my blood pressure medication. I don’t know what recourse the guy who was kicked off the flight has.

  2. Find the bitch who kicked him off the plane and fire the cunt. What a piece of fucking work, overweight fat slut should never be allowed to mix with passengers ever again. What a rude fucking American cunt. Seeing this pea-brained stewardess behave in this manner to a First Class passenger or any passenger just does my head in. She should learn her place in life, she’s a stewardess for gods sake, nothing going on up top to get that lazy arse job, get back to serving coffee, serving food and cleaning the toilets, that’s your fucking job woman. For fucks sake. How dare you.

  3. Hello Gary- How can you allow Robbo post in the manner he did? Are you not monitoring your own blog?

  4. A flight attendant’s primary job is to keep you safe — and they are trained extensively for any kind of emergency. Their primary job is not serving coffee and food or cleaning toilets.

  5. Coughing and sneezing are not symptoms of the virus. How stupid can you get? Maybe airlines need to train FA’s about the symptoms of the virus.

  6. @Gary… You need to kick Robbo off THIS plane. He has no business talking like this about someone he doesn’t even know. He is VULGAR! I will be very disappointed in you if you allow him to remain.

  7. @robbo. Yeah, the other people are right. You need to man ip and apologize or permanently leave the site. You’re way out of line. If you were talking about Chump then I wouldn’t mind but talking about a woman like that, then it’s over the line. Get some help!

  8. @Robbo…that was a CSR taking the man off the plane. By the way, did a woman hurt you or something? You need help.

  9. @Robbo.. You don’t have a clue why a flight attendant is on the plane . Definitely not to clean toilets. Speaking of toilets . your mouth belongs in the toilet . To echo others above ; @Gary please get him off of this site .

  10. Please get rid of that piece of crap “robbo” No place for him/it on this blog!! I’m certain he would explode if anyone referred to his Mother, Wife,Sister, etc using the languageused that language to refer to the woman in question. Utterly uncalled for. Grow up little boy!

  11. If the racists and hoaxers aren’t going to be kicked off this site, I doubt people like this Robbo clown will

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