VIDEO: Politician Dragged Away From Flight Over Carry On Bag Fees

A Senate candidate in Colombia was dragged away from a Viva Air Colombia flight over carry on bag fees. She was outraged over being charged 150,000 pesos (US$39) to bring her bag aboard the ultra low cost carrier whose parent company is led by one of the founders of Ryanair.

In fact, she’s taken to social media to defend her position on carry on bag fees – and to suggest the airline had a responsibility to de-escalate the situation rather than having her dragged. Critics, though, denounce her for delaying the flight and all of the passengers headed from Simón Bolívar airport in Santa Marta to Medellin, Colombia on March 3.

Ms. Bedoya argues she “refused to pay” the carry on bag fee because “it is an abuse.” The Conservative Party candidate details the incident (in Spanish),

[T]hey sent me to the police, they took me, tied my hands and feet, handcuffed me, I have an injury to my left arm because of the force they exerted when transferring me.

…The abuse of airlines misleading passengers with false or misleading advertising is systematic and must be stopped.

She argues that instead of handcuffing her, police should have forced “the airline official to solve [her] problem.” And she states that she has no regrets, “does not retract or apologize for anything,” and is pursing a complaint for excessive force.

And she knows she’s the one that’s right because she’s flown with the same bag on the airline before without being charged. After the incident she was rebooked, and allowed to travel “without making additional charges or penalties,” which she infers means the airline knows she’s in the right as well.

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  1. Not up there with Rosa Parks and the freedom riders, or the March on Selma… but you be you Yesenia.

  2. Go figure, another conservative whose “rights” are being trampled on and demands special treatment.

  3. If she was a left wing liberal, she would be flying in 1st class with bags full of bribe money.

  4. With all the real problems in the world today I would have thought that this “freedom fighter” might have applied her outrage against humanity toward something more meaningful than an airline bag fee.

    Well, I guess that some “rights” are more important to protest for than other “rights”.

  5. @Wiley Dog,

    “Conservative” means different things in different parts of the world. Stop being an ignorant American who knows nothing about the world.

  6. By the way… talking about ignorance… the country is called Colombia and not Columbia…

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