Video Proves Those QAnon Anti-Maskers On This Site May Be Onto Something

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  1. All of that in one mask. I’ll have to see what is in mine? Maybe the cotton masks have PIRATE TREASURE! Brilliant!

  2. @BSOD – I don’t think the video is meant to be serious. It isn’t physically possible for that many things to be concealed in a single mask.

  3. @ Sean M. Don’t be so sure. The Illuminati are capable of things you can’t begin to imagine.

  4. Whenever the weak-minded, (Gary), have been fooled by their “leaders”, they resort to labeling anyone with a different view than them as being part of a fringe group. It helps them to ignore their own failures and serves to “mask” their ignorance after falling for the accepted narrative.

    Unfortunately, most people do not want to spend even two minutes of time to vet information as wrong or true when the information to do so is readily available. Instead, society at large still prefers to have the parasitic ruling class think for them and tell them what to believe.

  5. James are correct.

    Qanon is to the Right what Russian Hoax is to the Left.
    The only difference is that one had a 2 year investigation that found no evidence to back the Left’s Conspiracy Theory.

    The people “debunking” Qanon are the same ones that were wrong about Russian Hoax.

  6. James is right. I saw a child cannibalism ring advertised in the paper just this morning. They know to put it into the classifieds since nobody looks there anymore.

  7. Absolutely no difference at all, none whatsoever, with the Russia investigations (34 indictments) vs. QAnon (the well known child pedophelia / organ harvesting scandal, with all that evidence out there and stuffs).

    Congrats right wing trolls, you have an official Congresswoman now too!!! Stay proud.

  8. So many crazy, morbidly obese, oxy addicted, angry boomer, white males have gone completely off the rails. Good times.

  9. Hilarious! 🙂 The sad part is it gives a ‘pause’ to about 50% of people 😉

    The only way the video could have been made even better was to zoom into a “Made in China” label on one of the items…

  10. @jamesn, Ricky & Dan. HaHaHa. If you actually believe that, then you’re a bunch of
    chump cuckholds of the first order. A bunch of sissy boys. Chumps cuckhold c&cksu&kers. Just like chump you cuckholds suck. Chumps gutless fools.

  11. Nothing surprises me at all. It is rather unfortunate that people haven’t been taught “how” to think for themselves for quite some time. Our educational system only reinforces “what” to think, and stifles all creativity and independent thought. It is not designed to train high performance leaders. How many classes are there in school on leadership and creative thinking? Very few at most. There is a spark within everyone to express their inner genius and make a positive difference. This is what needs to be nurtured. All the drama will play itself out as people continue to wake up and realize they have the power. Alexander the Great put it well when he said, “I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep, but I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion”. Enjoy the show as the matrix continues to crumble and the Wizard of Oz is exposed for the person behind the curtain. All the Best

  12. Ricky, the GOP-led committee investigating Russian interference in our elections confirmed that is has been (2016 most importantly) and is still impacting us. If you care about our democracy you’ll check it out and start speaking out about the importance of election integrity. And decrying the undermining of our elections by them, China, Iran, and the Trump boys.

  13. @Ricky While I wouldn’t phrase it as Rog does, he and Wiley Dog are factually correct. And Joseph Stasaitis has some good points.
    @jamesn, Ricky & Dan. ” If you actually believe that, then you’re a bunch of
    chump cuckholds of the first order. ”
    Facts still matter, & those of us who read/know history are rightfully frightened by what we’re seeing in the US now. Stop drinking kool-aid and please read fact-checked news sources. See what’s happening around you (USPS loses less $ than Pentagon & provides invaluable services. That’s why it’s prioritised in our Constitution) and connect the dots.

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