Video Shows Military Storming Plane and Freeing Captive Flight Attendant

On Sunday a passenger took a flight attendant hostage in the galley of Air China Airbus A321 flight CA1350 from Changsha to Beijing.

The government, who took the passenger into custody, says he suffered from mental illness. And they said the weapon used was a pen held to the throat of the flight attendant, but other said it was a blade.

At the time we didn’t know a lot about what really went down. The plane continued and landed at its destination, passengers got off and the flight attendant was safe.

But there’s new video that sheds light on the situation. The passenger continued to hold the flight attendant in the galley even as the plane touched down, and even after all of the rest of the plane disembarked. Negotiators came on board while the military prepared to storm the plane.

Eventually the military came in through the cockpit’s escape window, entered the cabin through the cockpit door, and took down the passenger. The mission was a success because they managed to take the man without the flight attendant being harmed.

It’s surprising to me how much footage there is of military preparations for a response that’s not just people happening by with a cell phone, it appears the video documentation of the incident was planned.

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  1. Most probably the whole thing was staged to glorify the Chinese government and Prez Xi. I don’t trust anything coming out of China.

  2. Notice how the “passengers” taking cell phone video and watching all had fatigues on under the street clothes? How the passengers were essentially all younger males? Staged.

  3. The filming was done like a indie film. Whoever filmed it can win an award for cinematography.

  4. A nice movie about the justice system in Red China is called Red Corner starring Richard Gere

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