Violent Passenger Breaks Free Of Restraints While Delta Air Lines Captain Lands In Eastern Canada

Delta Air Lines flight 97 from Paris to Detroit diverted to Stephenville in Eastern Canada after a 34 year old American man became violent, was restrained by crew but managed to break free, and then half a dozen passengers restrained the man until the aircraft made it onto the ground.

Stephenville is less than 200 miles west of Gander, another popular diversion point in Eastern Canada.

The Airbus A330-330 had 261 passengers on board when it landed. And then, after the Royal Canadian Mounted Police removed the man from the aircraft, it departed with… 260 passengers.

According to a Delta Air Lines spokesperson,

Delta has zero tolerance for unruly behavior, especially when it potentially compromises the safety of our customers and flight crew. This unruly customer was removed at Stephenville, Newfoundland and Labrador, and remanded to the custody of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

The plane, which took off on time, finally arrived in Detroit – just under two hours late.

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  1. So Chad, how do you know the perpetrator is black? Or are you just a racist POS?

  2. Someone causes a ruckus on an airplane, force it to divert to throw the perp off…send the perp the bill (knowing that the airline won’t receive a dime but it’s the point!) and BAN THAT PERP FOREVER! Maybe…just maybe…the numbers of incidents will diminish.

  3. “half a dozen passengers restrained the man until the aircraft made it onto the ground”
    I’m glad to hear that unruliness was not tolerated, and that other passengers lost only two hours in their journey (could have been worse). And wondering about those helpful souls who restrained the disrupter, were those passengers out of their seats, not buckled in, during the landing? It appears that it was necessary, but just curious about how that pre-landing announcement went…

  4. What was a Frontier Airlines customer doing on a Delta flight? They need better screening.

  5. I challenge anyone to tell me what restraints he broke free from.


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