Viral Inflight Sex Video Got Man In Trouble With His Pregnant Fiancé Back Home

A week ago two passengers joined the Mile High Club in their seats on a Ryanair flight while onlooking passengers filmed it (and flight crew refused to get involved).

Now we know, as they say, ‘the rest of the story’.

The woman in the video is a 39 year old mother of three who says she was “only performing a lap dance” (“She insists she wasn’t having sex with the guy, but admits it looks bad” though passengers reported hearing the man ask for a condom). The man and woman “had just met that day.”

The man is engaged and had left his fiance home on the trip.

Passengers described how the woman took her pants off before Shaun asked: “Anyone got any jelly [condom],” and they began romping mid-flight.

The sous chef, whose family own posh restaurants, faced a grilling from fiancée Jenna Ross, 25, when he returned from the party island.

A pal said: “He is known as a bit of a ladies’ man. That’s just a random woman he’s with, they didn’t know each other before the day.

He had gone to Ibiza for a bachelor party. He and his fiancé have been together for six years, and she’s six months pregnant.

(HT: Alan H.)

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  1. Gary, why is a serious blogger like you wasting your time with such ridiculous subject ?
    Come on man, you better than that !!!

  2. @gary – this isn’t awesome, it’s awful. These two should be arrested for public indecency. And the pregnant girl needs to find a new man, he’s a piece of work…

  3. Gary,

    I’m giving you about a week to clean up your act before I ban you from my email inbox. Why have you become so obsessed with in-flight shenanigans and stopped offering any posts of value? Come on, wake up and grow up. If you expect a professional following, then show us posts of value.

  4. Thanks for brining this to us – highly entertaining. If a few of your readers don’t like it they can easily decide not to read your blog anymore and maybe substitute religious material.

  5. What’s the Ryanair fee for in-flight hookups? Are there condom dispensers in the lav? I am sure others will now be looking at the potential for a new revenue source.

  6. It’s so sad that people need attention so much they do most anything. You know they were counting on this being on Youtube and becoming “famous”. Crazy world these days.

  7. Come on, Geoff & Fabinho! All professional information & no funny stories would make Gary a dull boy 😉 ! But Gary, given that gay marriage is possible nowadays, a woman is a fiancée, while a fiancé is a man!

  8. I enjoyed seeing the trash
    the more I know about people the more I love my dog 🙂

  9. I loved the story, but I’m sickened by the number of your readers who can’t handle spelling or grammar. Keep on keepin’ on, Gary!

  10. Condoms are a 15$ extra fee on a Ryanair Flight. 75$ if ordered at the gate or in-flight.

  11. Yep, Geoff is unsubscribing. Not that I’m a prude, I’m just more interested in advice on accruing and using miles. I can find porn anywhere.

  12. How many of the people here who are cheering these two exhibitionists on would do the same thing themselves? That is the acid test of whether you just have a big mouth or are real.

  13. Well!! I’m glad to be informed that some people will do anything with anybody anywhere–and if they’re blond enough, they’re allowed. My 2 young grand children will be traveling alone to visit me in a couple of weeks. Hopefully, this isn’t happening on US domestic flights. Hopefully.

  14. @Sandra I Mitchell Your comment demonstrates once again that women are other women’s worst enemies. You cast all blame on the woman. Why is the woman a “hoaring [sic] bitch” but the man is not a “hoaring [sic] bastard”?

    Quote: “They. Should. Had. Waited. Til. They. Got. A. Hotel. Room. Off. Of. The. Plane. Hoaring. Bitch!!!!!!!”

  15. @Geoff,

    It is possible to provide valuable and informative content (as Gary does) and stupid shit that some people like (ass Gary does). It isn’t binary. Really. Cutting off ones nose to spite ones fact is never a good idea.

    Of course,the title of this entry was very cryptic and masqueraded as valuable Frequent Flier content, so the fact that you read it by accident is understandable.

    Or not.


  16. No one asks the question “Why are some passengers willing (and eager?) to film just about anything that goes on in a plane?” Does capturing the couple in the act and posting it give the photographer the thrill of 15 minutes (more or less) of self-satisfaction?
    I find it easier to understand the lap dancing than the filming. Which must confirm that I belong to a different generation. It’s bad enough to know or see what was going on, but to record it. Talk about having bad manners, or worse: being a voyeur. The photographer is sick!

  17. @brp,

    I think Gary is failing to realize that he’s in a competitive business. The more followers, the more revenue, etc. But the flip side is also true…the more he posts nonsense like this (and for the life of me, I do not understand his fixation with every airborne moment lately), the more he risks losing followers like me who don’t give a rat’s ass about the boorish behavior of the cretins who fly Ryanair, and who are here for serious advice about the business of miles and points.

    I’m not cutting off my nose to spite my face; I’m electing instead to follow Gary’s competitors who have chosen to ignore this kind of non-news. Hopefully Gary will start to de-emphasize this stuff and get back to his core business: that is, being “one of the foremost experts in the field of miles, points, and frequent business travel — a topic he has covered since 2002.” (quote from bottom of this page).

    Gary, are you listening???

  18. Complaining about click bait ? You should be smart enough by now not to fall for it . You have yourselves to blame . BTW if you don’t want to read Gary any more just stop reading . No grand announcement required .

  19. @SandraMitchell, did the woman in question know the man she is boinking is engaged? Plausibly, but since thats not been mentioned I would assume not.
    Secondly, the man has been described as a bit of a ladies man. I guess as per your limited thought process, its all the womans fault as men cant be wrong.
    Youre really biased, and you exemplify a hypocritical “thought” process

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