Want To Start A New National Airline? Nigeria Wants To Hear From You

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  1. I am lined up to buy a 49% share in an unlicensed and undocumented carrier in Nigeria.
    I can hardly wait to lose all of my RRSP’s and cash savings.
    It’s like buying lottery tickets from Putin.
    Hooray…. full stop.
    Except a prince will pop up in my email and offer 10 million in cash.

  2. As a recently found distant relative of Nigerian royalty, I am offended by your stand against Nigerian start-up airlines. It is a true land of opportunity. Just this last week I also won a large portion of the Nigerian National Lottery and expect my winnings to be delivered any day since I have already paid the transfer fees down at Western Union. I plan to share part of my winnings with Mr. “Debit” as a frequent commenter on this blog so that he can continue to explore the true meeting of the Steele Dossier and its potential impact on the 2024 Presidential elections.

  3. I’ve seen a pre-release draft of the RFP document. The terms are such that this will only attract investors of questionable motive – whether that is those with money laundering intent, or those using this as a gateway into other sectors in Nigeria. Either way it does not bode well for the project, especially with elections coming up.

  4. Investors of questionable motive — what does that mean? All investors have one motive: making money.

  5. @ayenus – That’s my point. The “investors of questionable motive” are the ones willing to spend money on this project with no prospect of profitability in order to gain advantage elsewhere.

    One example in this RFP document – the Government has secured premises on a rental basis that the new airline is expected to use. The investor must not only commit to the future rental contract of this property (which may or may not be suitable for their operations), but also “reimburse” the Government for rent paid prior to them coming on board. The owner of the property who receives this rent and future income is not disclosed.

    If you accept those kind of terms, you are not doing so because it makes sense for your investment, but rather because you have a wider agenda.

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