WATCH: Passengers Suffer as Air India Flight Takes Off Without Air Conditioning

Yesterday’s Air India flight AI880 from Bagroda to Delhi took off without functioning air conditioning.

The 168 passengers onboard did not like it one bit. Air India dismisses this as “a technical matter” but promises “an investigation.”

By the way, it’s hot in Delhi.

Here are passengers suffering Air India’s inflight experience. Flight crew apparently promised that the air conditioning would eventually start working but it did not. Some passengers took down oxygen masks in hopes that a flow of oxygen would start and give them some respite. It didn’t.

Flying Air India may just be like visiting India, as the commercial says.

However passenger behavior without air conditioning could also be what sets apart a merely bad airline like Air India from the worst airline in the world Pakistan International Airlines.

Taking off without working air conditioning of course is at least better than taking off without enough seats for passengers.

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  1. If Air India tried running that commercial in Australia, USA or Europe, they would be sued for misleading advertising. Th biggest load of hogwash I have ever seen. The airline is disgusting and nothing like what the commercial shows. And certainly unfit to b in Star Alliance. Why have they not been dumped yet.

  2. on the pia flight, the lady’s garb had nothing to do with her over heating ?

  3. Ridiculous situation caused by poor maintenance practices. Even if you fly Spirit in the US, you’re not worried that the plane won’t make it to your destination eventually.
    As an Indian I do worry about travel on Indian airlines.

    @Mike the garb is thin and is like silk. It does not contribute much excessive heat – totally irrelevant. I’m sure you’ve experienced some delay in Vegas or some hot place where the APU can’t pump enough A/C. with none of that it can be 10x worse.

  4. I had the unfortunate experience of being on a Lufthansa flight about a decade ago that took off from Dulles to Frankfurt in July (80-90 deg) where the AC was not working in Economy. They kept making up excuses. IF this were an Airbus we would not have this problem. To be fair, it was a 747 (if I remember correctly) that typically requires a generator in the tail of the plane to service the AC while on the ground. Problem is, they convinced us it was simply a failure of the tail generator and that once airborne it would get cooler. It never did. The sun beating down on the plane made the walls radiate with heat and the sweaty bodies just got more gross. To make matters worse, they kept pulling the curtain between economy and business to make sure the business passengers could get some relief from the heat that the ~300 bodies back in coach were producing. At the warning of a doctor on board, they eventually handed out blocks of dry ice that were designed to be used for cooling the food. For the experience, they provided no compensation or apology. To this day, I do my best avoid Lufthansa.

  5. This happened to me on a Southwest flight, from Dallas to Chicago. The plane was very warm upon boarding, and everyone was promised it would get cooler after we took off. It never did. The flight attendant then announced the air conditioning was not functioning and we’re just going to have to deal with it until we get to Chicago. No compensation, no nothing.

  6. I had this experience while flying from Srinagar Kashmir to new Delhi but it was in March the temp was too much plus when you fly from Srinagar the temperature outside is cold but once you proceed towards delhi the temp starts to increase we didn’t had much problems just felt it a little hot

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