Watch: Sexyy Red’s Wild Newark Airport Brawl and Arrest With Metal Pole

Rapper Sexyy Red and her entourage engaged in a brawl at Newark airport on Saturday, and she was arrested. Red was named a breakout artist of last summer by Billboard on the heels of her single “Pound Town” (with Tay Keith) and “Pound Town 2” (with Nicki Minaj).

Security footage from United Airlines gate C82 shows a group of men tussling before the rapper enters the frame, brandishing a metal pole. But before she could use it, another individual intervened, causing her to lose her balance and fall to the ground. The footage later shows Red running off-camera and returning with what appears to be a wig in her hand, as scuffles continue.

As the fight escalated, security personnel intervened, apprehending several individuals. Red was taken into custody on charges of disorderly conduct, while others were charged with assault. Apparently some were injured badly enough to be taken to the hospital.

Following her release, Sexyy Red took to social media. In one video she can be seen riding in a car, stating she had “just got out.” She also shared a now-deleted Instagram Story post offering to replace the phone of someone involved in the altercation, hinting that the fight may have started over a photo someone took of her.

Despite the arrest, she managed to perform at the Governors Ball in New York and fulfill her hosting duties at the WWE NXT Battleground.

She later posted video on Instagram with the caption, “Dat wasn’t df me,” while playing her song “TTG” in the background, which includes the lyrics, “All my b**s trained to go, Bh, we TTG.”

This all comes after she was recently stopped at the U.S.-Mexico border while carrying undeclared money and jewelry.

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  1. Red was named a breakout artist of last summer by Billboard

    That’s significantly more success than 99.9% of the commenters subsequent to me have ever achieved.

    Also good on Red for offering to replace phones when she has no liability to do so, whatsoever. That’s more goodwill than 99.9% of the commenters subsequent to me have ever exhibited.

    Can’t wait for the usual suspects like AndyS and Mantis to tell us (without telling us) how miserable their lives are because they’re chronically online posting vacuous comments on View From The Wing.

    At least Tim Dunn’s comments have some verifiable empirical basis.

  2. I couldn’t understand any of those lyrics. I’m sure low class amateur can though. Care to translate?

    Nice try attempting to get the contact info of the people that will be suing you, so you can go send someone to intimidate and harrass them. Anyone with half a brain could see that…and then there’s low class amateur. Not a shock that this is what you consider high class.

  3. Sad…….bad behavior. A lack of social cohesion, common courtesy and common sense.

  4. “High class professional” has a moniker that reminds me of when we refer to a large person as “tiny” or someone bald as “curly”.

  5. I’d love to see Dolly whacking a dude with a metal stanchion stand!

    Btw – Gary – do you have an updated on that drunk white dude who is suing Mike Tyson for getting punched a few years ago? I wonder whatever happened to that ‘interesting’ hooman.

  6. Dreggs of society. I’ve seen better behavior in the monkey cages at the zoo.

  7. “Unauthorized photo”

    Um, no girl. Please tell me how that photo was unauthorized, in a public space with no expectation of privacy.

    Miss Red clearly wanted to fight, she kept going back multiple times with weapons (stanchions) which are heavy and even injured herself with them. Airport staff (and her own people) all tried to push her back into the safety of a back room. She showed her true colors by actively going out and continuing the fight.

    She must think the real world is the WWE she so desperately wants to emulate. Except she is neither trained as nor an actual professional wrestler. WWE pros are cringing at the lack of skill displayed on the tape.

    Be a powerful, sexy woman Miss Red and keep making breakout hits, just don’t repeatedly assault people with weapons on camera in the process. (I get it, she won’t, but hey, I had to ask. You know, common courtesy – which so many people lack)

  8. Hey Gary, I didn’t know Sexyy Red was a fan of you blog, posting under the pseudonym “High Class Professional”

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