We Have a Winner for Creepiest Passenger Ever! Subway Manager Rubs Lotion All Over Sleeping Woman Inflight

Vying to be the creepiest passenger ever faces stiff competition. There was the Japanese man watching porn and groping the woman seated next to him and the naked couple having sex in their seat while halfway covering up with their jackets.

But a 42 year old Pakistani from Staten Island who manages a Subway was convicted this week for being worse than any other passenger, ever.

A 25 year old New Jersey woman testified about her experience on an Emirates flight from Dubai to New York JFK last fall in his trial.

Emirates A380

She had taken Xanax because, well, economy. Next thing she knows the man seated to her right is whispering in her ear, “I love you, you’re pretty” as she wakes up.

That’s when she realized her body was ‘sticky’ and smelled of Nivea lotion. She went to the lavatory and discovered that “her shoulders, breasts, arms, inner thighs, calves and vagina” were covered in lotion and that “her thong had been pushed aside.”

She alerted crew, who report that the man admitted to everything, claiming she ‘needed’ it and enjoyed it. This was apparently normal to him because something similar “happened to him as a child.”

The man confessed to police. He was convicted and will be sentenced in August. The woman is suing Emirates.

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  1. she’s suing the airline?!? why… did they give her the xanex that made her oblivious to being groped? how can you possibly blame the airline? money grab, much.

  2. Creepiest part is taking Xanax and being so clueless that someone could rub lotion on her and she wasn’t aware!

    And suing the airline? For why? Think both people were creeps.

  3. I dunno. My bullshit meter is going off.

    Just what was she wearing that would have permitted some pervert to smear lotions on her inner thighs while she was sitting up or, at most reclined a few degrees back? And just how much Xanax did she take? Sounds like it was as effective as rohypnol.

    I wish I could sleep so well in coach!

  4. Hmmm…. This one is very hard to believe. Sounds like she was under general anesthesia. How can anyone be that unresponsive? Strange if true.

  5. @Gary: still doesn’t explain why the airlines is responsible. What is she alleging the airline did or did not do?

  6. I’m starting to understand why some women are reluctant to report their rape or sexual abuse to the police.
    Here, we have a man who confessed not once but twice, first to a flight attendant and then to police. The victim was thoroughly cross-examined about the incident and a jury still found the man guilty of committing the crime …
    but there are still people here calling her story “bullshit,” questioning what she was wearing, and calling her as much a “creep” as the man who abused her. Sad and disgusting.

  7. I was seriously asking what was the basis of her lawsuit against the airlines. I understand you weren’t holding the airline liable; I did not understand what she could possibly think was the culpability of the airline.

  8. WTF? This isn’t “creepy”, Gary, it’s sexual assault. Whatever she took to take a nap and whatever she was wearing, per the commenter above, is completely irrelevant. I hope this piece of sh!t goes away for a long time and gets himself lotioned up often by his bunk mate. I can’t honestly believe some of the previous comments.

  9. I can’t believe some of the previous comments!! The guy confessed and convicted!!! How can you blame the girl for ANYTHING!!

    I guess, the people asking questions on “how can she sue” the airline must be outside of North America. Or, they forgot that they are living in the land of law suits! Here, anyone can sue ANYONE! She is suing the airlines, because, it happened in the plane and the airline let it happen… duh!!! It’s different story if she would win or not against the airline.

  10. i am glad i have never ate at a subway on staten island.
    all kidding aside, i hope this bastard serves 20 years and then deport back to karachi.

  11. The airline let it happen? No, she’s suing the airline because that’s where the money is. Some perv molests her so now she wants to molest the airline.

  12. The airline clearly has a duty to prevent their passengers from being sexually assaulted while on board.

    I assume she’s alleging that the airline could’ve and should’ve done more to prevent this – I can’t imagine none of the cabin crew noticed this guy molesting this girl.

  13. That was my thought, too – how did the cabin crew not notice this? I think they have a duty to keep passengers safe. If the woman were merely sleeping instead of on Xanax, wouldn’t we expect the crew to keep her safe? Not sure the reason behind the sleeping is an issue.

  14. What was the race/ethnicity of the woman who was assaulted? Since it was important to tell us the man was Pakistani, I assume her race/ethnicity must be just as relevant.

  15. Among other things my sentiments exactly michael. Gary why point out that he was Pakistani. More creepy in your mind ?

  16. How much Xanax did she take? It is a banned drug in the UAE. But in any case, it is a mild soporific when taken in normal range and there is no way in hell she could have been unaware of what was happening. Bizarre.

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