What Flight Attendants Appreciate From Passengers Right Now

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  1. You go AA FA’s get rid of these leader who don’t know the first thing about leadership, pulling and working together. Their 15 minutes of fame is about up! RISE UP AA!

  2. What flight attendants (and all airline employees) should appreciate is the taxpayers paying for them to not work and/or to not be laid off. The 10M who lost their job the last few weeks wish they were so special.

  3. I so miss the disdain and curt attitude of almost every international AA FA I’ve traveled beneath for the last ten years. They worked so hard for 90 minutes out of 8 hours. It is sad that I cannot fly on their planes and receive the cold belligerent treatment I so much deserve because we all know I am not worthy to have them as my waters and waitresses in the sky. I so miss the absolute disgust with which they did their jobs and they did so with almost measurable delta over their compares working at Outback.

  4. @wr2

    if you were paying attention rather just ranting you’d recognize that unemployment benefits have been raised an additional $600/week for all workers for up to 6 months to something close to a max of $900-1000/week and there is $350 billion available for small businesses to subsidize payrolls, rent, etc. So, not just the airlines.

  5. @FMM – yep everyone is sucking from the government teet! Frankly I hate to see these type of handouts since many people get more NOT working than when they worked. My only hope is their layoff is permanent, they get used to this very short term boost in unemployment and then really have to tighten the belt when it goes away (as it will). Once businesses start opening back up (and there are already plans in place in most states to start this process at the appropriate time) anyone still unemployed (and there will be millions) can’t look to the government for additional handouts since the economy will be moving forward again (without those people) and handouts will be a thing of the past.

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