What Is “Poor Man’s First Class” And Why Is Everyone Talking About It? [Roundup]

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  1. So DL planes look like $@#$ too! This is why I hate seatback screens on domestic planes. DL does a poor job keeping them in working order and UA will find out it costs more too. AA and Alaska have it right.

    Why not do a story on all the worthless seats on DL, like you do for AA.

  2. I only risk a JetBlue flight if it doesn’t matter when (or even if) I get there. It’s not a weddings-and-funerals airline.

  3. B6 was never good. Nothing good comes out of NYC with the one exception of the Ramones.

    DL was never good. You were all brainwashed into thinking it was good and now you won’t look at the evidence before your eyes.

  4. I understand that buying then canceling seats is against policy and certainly unethical, not to mention obnoxious.

    But saying it meets the legal threshold for fraud is a bit of a stretch. I could see if you were using fake names or operating a business based on doing it for other people.

    How would the airline prove that you willfully misrepresented your intent to keep the tickets? And simply flouting the terms of service is not criminal.

    At most this seems like a difficult-to-prove case for small claims court?

  5. Poor man’s business class — less call it poor person’s business class — has been my reference to having 3-5 seats in economy class for me to use by myself with the arm rests up (and seat backs reclined at times) to sleep on flights.

    Speaking of not assuming VPNs are private, much the same can be said about messages on bulletin board and other social media sites where messages may be said to be private messages but are better described as direct messages that have no privacy protections from bulletin board site operators/admins and maybe even some moderators who can and do access them at times.

    Emails too are typically not private unless encrypted, but unlike with bulletin board sites and social media sites, major email service providers usually don’t have some individuals cherry picking whose accounts’ private messages to read in detail and then attempt to use that information to silence/disappear or otherwise coerce people in those “private message” communications that aren’t really private when the site owners/operators/privileged actors don’t want it to be.

  6. Gary does poor man’s seat selection on WN, throwing articles of clothing on seats in order to seat-save for C-listers.

  7. “How would the airline prove that you willfully misrepresented your intent to keep the tickets?”

    Well, one way would be if you bragged about it on Tik-Tok…

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